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    math1141 unsw

    is the "provisional mark" we're given the one AFTER all the supposed scaling that happens to math1141? or is this the mark before all the scaling
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    barrage of questions about unsw and usyd commerce and maths degrees

    (at unsw) in terms of applicable skills - adv statistics and statistics will teach you in the job world, is there any difference? or is adv statistics for people that want to get into academia (i.e. research, phd, proffesor lvl etc). Currently doing b comm (planning on majoring in finance)/b adv...
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    unsw and "80% tutorial participation"

    i have below 80% tutorial participation for math1141 and might skip another scif1131 tutorial putting me below 80% tutorial participation what happens? does something happen to my final mark? ik for scif1131 it will affect it because of stupid weekly activities that go towards a certain...
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    Finance Major with Statistics or Pure Maths? (in BCom/BAdvSci)

    As the title says. Both Statistics and Pure Mathematics seem interesting to me. Anyone who has done either or is currently doing it - What do you find the most interesting about your major? Whats boring about it? The only deciding factor at the moment is if there are different...
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    First year uni subjects

    Hey guys, at the moment fully enrolled and made a timetable at unsw, doing commerce and maths. Just a bit confused at what subjects to be doing in my first semester, and have a bunch of questions Here's the handbook for my course...
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    Couple questions on uni, part time job and free time

    hey guys, ill cut straight to the point I work 3 days a week in retail (each day being 6-7hr shifts) --> which i believe is a favourable position to be in when applying for internships in uni? I have a handful of hobbies on the side that I still want to commit to i.e. games, trying to learn...
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    University Admission Stats

    Currently in a dilemma of wanting to diversify my preferences just to make sure I don't regret anything. I've been wanting to do comm/maths at UNSW for a while now. I got guaranteed entry into it (with bonus points), and it's my first preference. However my other 4 preferences are all business...
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    State rank for 2017?

    Hey guys, just asking for a friend, but usually what is a state rank in general maths? He says he almost certainly got 99 (from solutions online), and the only thing he got wrong was 1 MC (which might be correct idk) Are all 20 state ranks like 100 percent for general usually? not sure so...
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    Clutch Band 6 Stories

    So not very often, but sometimes, I see threads on this forum about "HSC success stories", or how "My school estimated me at 80 but ended up getting 90" or "My rankings are really bad!!, can I still get X atar" I know the generic advice is "don't worry about internals, HSC is 50% of your...
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    Temperature regulation for the Brush Tailed-Possum

    In these notes im reading off (pretty reliable, the atar notes biology book thing by naomi sirmai), For the brush tailed possum, one of the responses to temperature change is that the organism will - "Body shape changes depending on temperature of area", then it goes onto say that if it is Hot...
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    HSC 2017 Predictions Thread [Economics]

    Post predictions and discussion about what questions you think will be in the 2017 Eco HSC. I reckon there's gonna be: ESD, how policies (all 3 - mp, fp and mer) have affected inequality, removal of protection, and to put the cherry on top, a CAD Q. What do you guys think?
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    ATAR Estimate PLsss :P

    School Rank: between 105 ~115 Subject Ranks - English (ADV) - 15/70 Economics - 4/14 Biology - 17/60 Extension 2 Maths - 4/9 Extension 1 Maths - 8/20 Keep in mind, this is after half yearly exams, and theres still around 60% of internals left for each of these subjects, in saying that...