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    Australia's sliding educational performance

    The release of several reports recently seems to indicate a fall in Australia's overall educational performance. What are your thoughts on this as to the causes?
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    Horology Horror: Opinions on buying a new watch

    Ive decided that it's time to participate in a bit of a coming-of-age tradition by buying myself a really nice watch. Ive shopped around and come up with a shortlist, but Im a bit indecisive as to which to buy. Im looking for a watch that I can wear forever which is timeless, distinctive and...
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    Deloitte dumps Performance Reviews Thoughts? Personally, I think this is a huge step in the right direction, but Im surprised to see Deloitte leading the way considering the Big 4 usually have quite elaborate and ingrained performance management...
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    Since there is no Medicine Mod, I thought I might start a thread for discussion on this years UMAT. Feel free to discuss your overall thoughts on the exam and how you think you went!
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    Human Resources: A guide to the profession

    Preface Looking around the Commerce/Business forums, I have noticed that most threads seem to be dedicated to Finance and Accounting. Additionally, there also seems to be a lack of understanding and many misconceptions going around regarding other Commerce fields. So I thought it would be...
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    2014 NFL Season

    A bit late, but are there any NFL fans around? The seasons nearing the playoffs, so we are getting into the nitty gritty. I was watching Bears v Cowboys today and seriously I cant figure out how Jay Cutler has managed to remain the starting QB for this long. Has anyone lived on arm...
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    Brain Teaser

    I dont know if this is really a maths problem, but my student gave me this question after it was given to him in a 2U class. So here goes: Three guys rent a hotel room for $30 and they each pay $10. The hotel manager realises that he has overcharged them for the room, as it actually costs...
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    True Detective

    Anyone here watch the series? If so, what are your thoughts. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. Do not read on if you plan on watching the series.
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    UNDA Roll Call/Chatter thread 2014

    Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Australia boards. So, for all the NDers out there, just introduce yourself and post which course you will be starting or continuing on with for 2014. Also, feel free use this thread for general chatter about the uni.
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    "Can I get a decent ATAR with these subjects?"

    Due to the number of threads that come up every year on this topic, I have decided to sticky this classic BoS post for all the 2014ers to see. Aerath often posted this thread for all the new HSC students, so I think it is good to keep the tradition alive. In my opinion, this is one of the best...
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    Share your overall thoughts of Standard Paper 2 here. What aspects of the paper did you like and dislike? Did you consider it a fair test of your abilities?
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Share your overall thoughts of Paper 2 here. What aspects of the paper did you like and dislike? Did you consider it a fair test of your abilities?
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    Song lines

    Use this thread to post cool lines which you have heard in a song. Post up the line, the song it is from and any other commentary you like. The lines can either be funny, thought provoking, meaningful or whatever.
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    Official: 2013 Modern History HSC Exam predictions thread

    Feel free to post your predictions on what questions will be asked on the Modern History Exam for this year. If you have a prediction, dont forget to mention the section and topic. If other threads pop up on this topic, I will most likely move the posts in here, so if your thread goes missing...
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    The WWF Thread

    Many of us here were born in the mid-early 1990s, so a few of us would have grown up with the WWF and the Attitude Era. Feel free to post about your favourite WWF memories, whether that be wrestlers, finishers, themes, feuds, gimmicks, tag teams, stables or matches.
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    Notre Dame Open Day

    The UNDA Open Day is on the 31st of August - is anyone planning on attending? Here is a link to the University's official open day site
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    This part of the forums looks a bit dead, so I'll try and revive it (hopefully this topic is actually relevant). Today's feature article on Wikipedia was on the Dodo and this reignited my fascination with extinction and in particular Holocene extinction. For some extinct species, it appears as...
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    Your Dream Team

    Use this thread to name your Dream Team - it can be for any sport, just mention which one it is and list your line-up. Justifications are optional.
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    2013 NFL Draft

    Inspired by Brent02's suggestion, are there any BoS NFL fans out there who are following the draft? What are your thoughts on this years class and do you have any thoughts on who the teams will pick? To be honest, I think this years draft class isnt that strong at all - there isnt any real...
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    The Old Change thread

    Most of you probably have some old coins or pocket change lying around the house somewhere. If you have ever wondered what type of coins they are or if they are worth anything, post a picture in here and I will see if I can help identify/value it.