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  1. OzKo

    USYD Chatter Thread 2016

    The summer is over, classes are starting to reconvene with freshers abound, so it's about time we got this chatter thread started up again. Welcome back to our current students and those who will be commencing their studies at USYD for the first time. Just a word of warning: This thread serves...
  2. OzKo

    USYD Chatter Thread

    And thus begins the second semester of the year, where the cold days slowly melt away and students can once again enjoy the sunny days out on the Quad. For some, this may be your last semester at USYD, while others are beginning to regroup after their first full semester at university...
  3. OzKo

    Steam Summer Sale 2015

    The annual summer sale has reappeared on Steam, and it is promising to burn a hole in the wallets of PC gamers without fail. Feel free to post what you've picked up during the sale, and whether you're actually going to bother playing it.
  4. OzKo

    Semester 1 USYD Chatter Thread

    The summer is over, O-Week is being washed away by the rain, and classes are starting on the flip side, so it's about time we got this chatter thread started up again. Welcome back to our current students and those who will be commencing their studies at USYD for the first time. Just a word...
  5. OzKo

    Important Dates 2015

    O-Week:........Wednesday 25 February - Friday 27 February Semester 1 Lectures begin:.........Monday 2 March Easter break:............Friday 3 April to Friday 10 April Lectures end:............Friday 5 June Study vacation:.........Monday 8 June to Friday 12 June Examination...
  6. OzKo

    Subject Selections 2015

    Post the subjects you have enrolled/pre-enrolled in for 2015. This thread is also for questions relating to the process of choosing subjects etc. Our member's subject reviews may provide some help in choosing subjects...
  7. OzKo

    First Day of Uni - Your Experience

    I know that some universities have gone back this week, so I think it would be nice to start a thread for all the newbies to discuss their first day of uni. How has your first day met your expectations (or not)?
  8. OzKo

    The University of Sydney Roll Call 2015

    Welcome to the University of Sydney forum! Welcome back to all the old hands and special greetings to the new students. Please make yourself at home and don't hesitate to contribute or ask questions. If you have a question, please Search the forum first. If you can't find what you're...
  9. OzKo

    2015 Main Round Cut-Offs
  10. OzKo

    Post Your 2015 University Offers Here

    Post your 2015 University (UAC, VTAC, internal or otherwise) Offers here! Include the university, the course and anything else you think relevant. Please place enrolment and other university/degree specific queries in the relevant university subforum here...
  11. OzKo

    Prelim 2015 Chit Chat Thread

    Hey 2016'ers! Welcome to the Preliminary section of the forums. This thread is for any sort of chit-chat that is even somewhat school related. If you have specific questions concerning certain subjects, please make a new thread in the relevant section, and somebody will be sure to answer...
  12. OzKo

    AirAsia QZ8501 missing Fingers crossed for a positive outcome. :frown2:
  13. OzKo

    2015 USYD First Year Questions

    Hi everyone, If you are considering studying at USYD next year, feel free to ask any general questions regarding the University, your course, or the student lifestyle in this thread. We have a strong contingent of current and past students more than willing to assist with your queries. If...
  14. OzKo

    HSC 2014 is officially over

    On behalf of the mod team, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the 2014'ers who completed their HSC this year. You've all been fantastic~! :wavey: P.S. If you're thinking of continuing your education at uni, I would encourage everyone to visit our uni forums in the lead-up to...
  15. OzKo

    General Thoughts: Geography

    Share your thoughts here.
  16. OzKo

    General Thoughts: Visual Arts

    Share your thoughts here.
  17. OzKo

    General Thoughts: Society and Culture

    Share your thoughts here.
  18. OzKo

    General Thoughts: Physics

    Share your thoughts here.
  19. OzKo

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Share your thoughts here.
  20. OzKo

    General Thoughts: Earth and Environmental Science

    Share your thoughts here.