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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    Not sure if people like to share their results here, but here we go. I'll start up this thread. Hopefully for those doing phys 1a/higher phys 1a will get a 1, which means you pass the final exam.
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    2014 ENGG1811 Finals Thread

    So how is everyone here planning to study for ENGG1811 finals? I'm kinda confused as to how to study for it though.
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    UNSW Petroleum Engineering rollcall

    Who here is doing petroleum engineering here? Doesn't seem to be that many BoSers around doing it :(
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    UNSW Mathsoc MX2 Summer Series 2014 - FREE TO ATTEND :)

    UNSW MathSoc presents... MX2 Summer Seminar Series 2014 So you're taking Maths Extension 2. Want to get a head start on topics? Wonder what stuff you're going to learn in the next nine or so months? Want to spend some of your summer holidays productively? Open to all 2014 HSC Mathematics...
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    The 2013S2 UNSW Examination Thread

    Post up your feelings and thoughts for the upcoming exams, as well as how you went.
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    Final examination timetable

    Hey, Does anyone know when the examination timetables are going to be released? :)
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    2013 S2 Timetables

    Upload them here :P Might change them lectures, and might change from MATS1101 to CHEM1011
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    PTRL1010 - reviews?

    Anyone took this subject as of yet? What is it like? and how difficult is it?
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    UNSW Careers and Employment

    Who got an email just then regarding shifts from UNSW Careers and Employment based on o-week and careers expo?
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    A message from UNSW Pokemon Society

    For those pokefans on BoS coming over to UNSW, please feel free to join the pokemon society. :) Link is here: We will be going around in different costumes (Charizard and Blastoise, plus others) to promote ourselves for O-week. (Y)
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    COMP1911 or ENGG1811??

    Which one should I take to build up my programming skills for statistics related jobs?
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    A welcome message from UNSW Arts Society :)

    The new UNSW Arts Society (ARTSSOC) welcomes all students to join the society. We especially take a big welcome to those starting university in 2013 and have just received their offers. If you are taking: - Any Arts subject - Arts related minor - Arts major Then please feel free to join the...
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    2013 Chinese rollcall

    So who will be taking chinese subs this coming semester?
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    Jay Chou - new album out

    It's called Opus 12, to celebrate the fact that he released his 12th album :) Anyhow, here are some songs: So whatcha think?
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    For those prospective UNSW students who just got their ATARs

    If you're considering coming to UNSW, first thing you have to do -> research their courses and ATAR cutoff. 2nd thing -> ask questions around here, feel free to ask me questions in particular (you can PM me, fb chat me or ask here, I personally like to kill spare time so go ahead and ask away)...
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    Internal Program Transfer outcomes are out.

    So who applied for internal transfer and who got what they wanted?
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    New retailers opening in Semester 1 So whatcha think about these changes. Glad to see boost and moochi <3. Woulda loved to see noggi though, but that's okay. Apart from that I would really like to see more food stores like ajisen...
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    Copy of the paper???

    I am actually really looking forward to seeing this paper. :P
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    Korean rollcall

    Those doing a korean-related subject at UNSW, lets discuss here. (Y)
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    UNSW Style - Gangnam Style Parody

    So, Jamesfirst, me and a bunch of people from Kpop society and KSA decided to make a parody of Psy's Gangnam Style. Here it is below: