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    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Is there any use bringing a laptop to uni? An addition to my other post: If you have a Summer session law subject of six hours of class each day, you can play Pokemon.
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    2011 University cut offs

    Universities lieeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Law at Macquarie or UTS? (plz don't bring UNSW or USYD into this, thankyou)

    I had offers from both UTS and Mac. I chose Macquarie...but that was because of their ancient history department. Your list of pros for Macquarie is problematic. For example, you assume that you will have friends and that there will be adequate seating to hang out with them on campus. What I am...
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    What's your dream car?

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    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Is there any use bringing a laptop to uni? My little Asus Eepc lives in my uni bag. Although there are quite a few days that I take it without using it, it is tiny and of no noticeable inconvenience (other than paranoia about your bag getting stolen). For many of my subjects it has been...
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    What's your dream car?

    I currently own my dream cars: In the Australian market there isn't much more to upgrade to other than a Pagani ZOnda and this ugly orange Koenigsegg:
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    what to do with an arts degree?

    So innocent
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    Which Library/ies Did People Doing Ext Go To?

    Macquarie uni library is excellent if you are working in ancient history (I say ancient as I have no clue about modern history resources). I signed up with the HSC History Extension associate thing and made ample use of it.
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    2011 University cut offs

    Is entrance into honours now open to everyone and subject to doing well in BBiomedSc? That would make sense of the BBiomedSc cut off increasing.
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    Results for semester 1/2010

    Yay. HD - Anc hist HD - anc hist D - law C - law P - lol modern Greek
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    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? The reduction in contact hours is disgusting. For example, for property law we have a 10% mark for class participation + a 10% mark for a presentation. The problem is, with half the time and more students in each class we don't even get the...
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    Training Required for a GP to become an Ambulance Officer/Paramedic

    What lots of episodes of Trauma and compare it to the earlier seasons of Scrubs. Far more realistic than the suggestion of shadowing people.
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    What Cars does everyone drive??

    Either of these:
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    Waiting for Godot is not about god.

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is not about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
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    Haven't had a shift in about two months

    I thought of that as I finally read the OP on the way down to see your reply :p I was never a mod. I just used to post more than once every 6 months.
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    Haven't had a shift in about two months

    Metamucil: Psyllium Dietary Fiber Supplement
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    the dream car thread

    A Ferrari or a Maserati. Oh wait, I have both. Fuck I'm awesome.
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    Results Prediction Thread

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    The beliefs of BoSers...

    That's the least of your (our?) worries seeing what you got 100% for.
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    do the asians hard to adjust to the life in MQ?

    Re: Why you guys hate asians so much?? I don't hate asians. They just happen to be the vast majority off people in the categories I hate. Namely, those who take up all the desks in the library just to sleep and those who some how make the library stink like crap. :)