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    Rotterdam, NL

    Has anyone been? Has anyone lived there?
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    Future of WorkChoices,,23243927-2702,00.html
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    UWS O-Week

    It appears that UWS is trying to do something with their O-Week this year (other than just call it O-week, have around 5 stands (mostly unmanned) and a DJ). It's fun watching the n00bs on the forum get excited like something good is going to happen at this 'social o-week'. Post what you expect...
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    Athletes banned from criticising China

    BRITISH Olympic athletes will be forced to sign contracts banning them from criticising China's human rights record before travelling to the Games. Each athlete will have to sign a 32-page contract, which includes clauses describing how they will not be allowed to comment on "any...
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    Important: Which Is Best For Umat

    Hey sorry if this has been asked before but I really wanted to know. I don't wnt to spend too mcuh money because im not sure if I want to do medicine so would it be ok if I just bought someones old UMAT material and studies it or is it essential that I try icarus college or the medentry course...
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    The flame icon isn't good, right?

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    Liberal leaders set up council to win back support It would have been nice if they did this prior to losing 2 elections concerning me last year
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    Twins Unknowingly Marry

    lol...this reminds me of a House episode but real. Source:
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    I think Premium Membership is a scam

    So many of the benefits they promise do NOT actually exist. It's a bit worrying considering they've sold so many premium memberships to so many students on a stack of false promises.
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    hai guyz do u think we should tattoo DFEE on fee payin students foreheads?

    its like an injustice like if you buy petrol and sell petrol you mark up the prices to make a profit and cover running costs but like DFEE people are all cheaters and pay the professors to pass them. wake up guyz:hammer: edit: lol at this thread
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    Can't Access Benefits

    I purchased a boredofstudies premium account on the basis that the following services were provided: Premium careers content Huge discounts for BOS merchandise and events. Premium HSC content – tips for success Optional email notifications of new resources Access to...
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    help - fan error

    My IBM thinkpad won't start up...I turn it on, it has the IBM splash screen then it just says FAN ERROR and turns off. Any ideas/help? All my exam notes are on there:( ---- Edit: It now starts up when the power adapter is connected...but i think the fan is dead because I haven't heard it come...
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    Israel Questions

    a) Name TWO of Israel's religious places. (2) A: Bethel and Dan Temples b) What is meant by The Temple? (2) c) Describe the main features and structures of the military in Ancient Israel (5) d) Outline the main aspects of trade with Phonecia during this period. (6) Source: "And Elijah came...
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    Firefox won't 'open'

    Since yesterday whenever I try to open firefox it opens (as it can be seen as a runnin process) but nothing appears. Anyone know what is up with it?
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    Caesar notes

    So here is some stuff I found on my computer...probably aren't complete or entirely accurate because they're not the final stuff but hope they'll help some people. Outline Caesar's Reforms Assess Caesar's Success in his Gallic Campaigns Julius Caesar Questions Julius Caesar 5 Mark...
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    Share History

    Does anyone know where I can find the share price history for Qantas and Virgin Blue. I used to just check them on the company profile page on the ASX but I missed a few weeks and really need them. Thanks
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    Changing B Bus key program/combined law

    I am currently doing B Business(Economics and Finance)/B Laws. What I've come to realise is that I really don't like Finance subjects and loathe the idea of having to do subjects such as Applied econometrics or Corporate Financial management. People tell me the wonders of: Human Resources...
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    UWS Scholarship

    Applications for most UWS Scholarships are closing soon (most on the 28th of September...apparently). I suggest you apply even if you're not going for an outstanding UAI. E.g. There were people with a UAI like 8 points under me who got some scholarships :| A list of available scholarships...
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    Man arrested for stealing bridge It's these degenerate small time Carmen Sandiego's that give criminals a bad name
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    Thread Dedicated to the spedtard in foundations

    Seriously, WTF?