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  1. Speed6

    BOS Minecraft Server

    Hi everyone, Now that the HSC is over (for 2016ers), is anyone interested in starting a BOS Minecraft server?
  2. Speed6

    2016 HSC Chemistry Exam Predictions

    Fellow peers, What are we predicting for this years HSC Chem paper?
  3. Speed6

    help with curve sketching 4u question

    Wrong sub-forum bro.
  4. Speed6

    Variation in Equation

    Fellow BOS'er Leehuan and I were discussing 2 different variations of oxalic acid titrating with sodium hydroxide. The first equation: (COOH)2 + 2NaOH → (COONa)2 + 2H2O The consensus was that the first equation was wrong and that it should be (COO)2Na2. The second equation: (If oxalic...
  5. Speed6


    Just wondering, when do the applications for UAC's EAS scheme open for 2017 university admission?
  6. Speed6

    The Tempest + The Candidate

    Would anyone have any resources they could help me out with these texts? Specifically, The Candidate with links to my prescribed text, The Tempest. Willing to share something in return for decent material/resources.
  7. Speed6

    GFC 2.0

    With the global financial market instability more than ever, are we heading for another GFC?
  8. Speed6

    HSC PDHPE Marathon 2016

    Welcome to the HSC PDHPE Marathon. For those like myself who do the HSC subject of PDHPE, well done to you. It is said to be one of the best HSC subject regarded for its content which can be continuously related and applied to real life applications. In this thread let us combine our knowledge...
  9. Speed6

    HSC 2016 MX1 Marathon (archive)

    Hi there 2016'ers (including myself)! Welcome to the 2016 HSC 3U Marathon, I invite and encourage all former and most importantly current students in particular to participate in this marathon. Some simple housekeeping rules: 1. Only post questions within the level and scope of 3U HSC...
  10. Speed6

    HSC 2016 Maths Marathon (archive)

    Hi there 2016'ers, including myself! Welcome to the 2016 HSC 2U Marathon, Some simple housekeeping rules: 1. Only post questions within the level and scope of 2U HSC Mathematics 2. Provide neat working out when possible 3. Don't flood the thread with multiple unanswered questions...
  11. Speed6

    HSC Chem

    If you had to estimate a % on the rote learning of all the content in HSC Chem, what would it be?
  12. Speed6

    Official HSC 2015 2U & 4U Exam Paper

    Both papers have now been officially published by BOSTES. It does not get any clear than this, compared to the ones that are home-scanned and put on the internet. 2U:
  13. Speed6

    Terry Lee's Solutions 2015 Extension 2 HSC

    Here are Terry Lee's 2015 MX2 exam solutions which was just released recently:
  14. Speed6

    General Thoughts: HSC PD/H/PE

    How was it folks?
  15. Speed6


    What is the best textbook for HSC Physics?
  16. Speed6


    This is a polynomial question from a past paper, is there a non-calculus based approach for this particular question? Ty
  17. Speed6

    Prelim Paper

    I'm having trouble finding the solutions to Strathfield Girls High 2012 Final Exam for Prelim Chemistry. Anyone know where I could possibly find it?
  18. Speed6

    Quick question

    For Year 12 chem, are the KISS booklets good? I don't hear much about these booklets, so I thought I might just bring it up as I think my school gives us these and I just want past users/students to give an insight into this resource!
  19. Speed6

    Assessment task

    Doing an assessment task write up for prelim physics (practical assessment) and I need assistance with a part of it. Message me now if you can help me with this asap! Shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes...
  20. Speed6

    Prelim PP

    I'm after 2 & 3U mathematics past prelim papers excluding Dan and nerds papers. Could anyone possibly link me to good ones please?