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  1. asianese

    99+ ATAR: Experienced and enthusiastic high school maths tutor

    Hi there! I am a passionate and enthusiastic maths tutor offering tutoring in: • Year 10 Mathematics • Year 11 Mathematics (2 + 3U) • Year 12 Mathematics (2 + 3 + 4U) (Unfortunately General Mathematics is not available.) • In 2014 I will be a 2nd year student in Advanced Mathematics at...
  2. asianese

    A Mathematician’s Apology G. H. Hardy's%20Apology.pdf Reflection on mathematics, its people and purpose. Somewhat dull toned at the end - as if it was a battle that one had lost. Interesting read.
  3. asianese

    Best HSC marks fail to guarantee place in medicine courses

    Best HSC marks fail to guarantee place in medicine courses by AMY MCNEILAGE - 05/01/14, 3:00 AM Only 48 of the more than 65,000 school leavers in NSW achieved the 99.95 ATAR needed to gain entry into medicine at the University of Sydney. Yet the course is so popular that even some of those...
  4. asianese

    Anyone have the 2U HSC paper this year?

  5. asianese

    HPSC: A science or a social science?

    Science is the study of things around us. It involves describing and understanding 'why' things occur, how they occur and when. History and philosophy of science is the study of, precisely, the history and philosophy... of science. We usually categorise history and philosophy to be arts or...
  6. asianese

    WAM vs AAM

    What's the difference between WAM and AAM? I understand WAM is \dfrac{\sum \text{Mark} \times \text{Weighting}}{\sum \text{Weighting}}. Is AAM just \dfrac{\sum \text{Marks}}{\text{ Total number of units attempted}}? Thanks. (Or is it just the same thing with a different name?)
  7. asianese

    MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics

    Has anyone completed this course in the past? How is it / How'd you go? I may need to take this unit next semester. Thanks muchly.
  8. asianese

    Regarding font and italics in LaTeX

    I refer you to this article: What do you guys think? I reckon that consistency is the most important thing. So if you'd write a paper you should just be using the same notation...
  9. asianese

    Some quick questions

    Want to get these out before sleepin: Find the limit, or show it doesn't exist: \lim_{(x,y)\to(0,0)} \dfrac{x^3+y^3}{x^2-y^2} The usual tricks like factorising/cancelling, going polar, x=y, x=0, y=0 don't seem to work? Probs blanking out. I know it doesn't exist but I can't find a path which...
  10. asianese

    Future of maths - ABC podcast incl. Terry Tao An interesting read/listen.
  11. asianese

    Tsp 2013

    In the offer email in January they said they'd 'formally' send out an invite via mail. Has anyone got this? There's an orientation in O-Week but I haven't received any word from TSP. Thanks!
  12. asianese

    Terry Tao's notes on Special Relativity

    Interesting weekend read: by Terry Tao, Fields medalist.
  13. asianese

    Science Transition Workshop

    Worth going to? (I don't mind about the $10 - just is it helpful?) Thanks
  14. asianese

    Creating graphs and diagrams on soft-documents

    Hey all, Was wondering what types of programs/plugins/software people use to create their graphs (x-y plane types) or diagrams (shapes, 3D objects) for exam questions or notes. This is from NSB 2011 3U trial, and it's in LaTeX but I'm unsure of the plugin or app..: and the HSC 2012...
  15. asianese

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G) price

    Do you think the price of the Samsung GS3 will drop considerably when the S4 comes out in May? I'm thinking of getting the S3 (4G) in March when my current plan expires but should I wait for the S4 to come out so the S3 goes down in price, if it does at all? What happened with the 4S when the...
  16. asianese

    % of lectures that are filmed/recorded?

    Just wondering how many, if at all, lectures are recorded and are available to students online... (Within Science and just overall I guess) Thanks
  17. asianese

    asianese's English Adv raw marks

    Paper 1 Reading task: 15/15 (FUCK YEAH!! ..I've come a long way from 10/15 in the first assessment (which was worth 15% and so my rank could have been significantly better but oh shwell) - also this is my first 'full marks' in English EVER - since yr7 :mad2:) Narrative: 12/15 - weak links to the...
  18. asianese

    B Sc / B A timetabling

    I have realised I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding enrollment/timetabling :(. I'm planning to enroll in B Sc / B A for this year. My problem is in the Arts degree. For this double degree, the sample pathway has only 1 arts elective per semester for 1st (and 2nd) year. Now, I want to major in...
  19. asianese

    Moriah college 2003 Question (4U)

    Question 5b) ... its about the man walking on a pier Just saw this question in 2012 CSSA MX1 Trial - wow even CSSA doesn't make up their own questions ==
  20. asianese

    Marking: all online?

    As per title: has the BOS converted all marking to online now?