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    Atar Estimate

    School rank about 200 Adv. English: 11/75 MX1: 5/37 MX2: 3/11 Chemistry: 6/41 Physics: 3/43 Biology: 1/47 Please try not to be mean, I'm a nice person, I did the other post at 5am and was really pissed because in another thread I read that school rank affects your ATAR a lot which got me...
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    Best 5 games you ever played:

    1) Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots 2) StarCraft 2 3) Assassin's Creed II 4) God of War III 5) Skyrim Haven't played any games for like 6 month, 1 movie per week is good enough entertainment at this point :)
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    When calculating the pH of H2SO4 do we multiply the concentration by 2 i.e. -log[2H+] This means it is stronger than HCL so is that always true? What about H3PO4 and other polyprotics? or since they are weak we don't multiply the concentration by anything?
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    Citric Acid.

    Why is citric acid triprotic? What other acids are triprotic other than citric and H3PO4. Can anyone please list the names of the acids/bases/esters for which we have to memorise the structural formula i.e. knowing the molecular formula (C6H8O7) wouldn't help in classifying citric acid as a...
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    so [tex ]...[ /tex] is for latex [video ]...[ /video] is for videos What do I type if I wanna upload an image? I mean how do I upload an image? I tried to upload a picture to a solution to a maths question through attachment and an error message kept coming up...
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    What is the easiest way to check if someone replied to my posts/a post I commented on. At the moment I search my name so all posts that relate to me come up but I'm sure there is a better way. Thanks.
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    Real Rap!

    Notorious B.I.G.
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    Simple probability question.

    Two identical biased coins are each more likely to land showing heads than showing tails. The two coins are tossed together, and the outcome is recorded. After a large number of trials it is observed that the probability that the two coins land showing a head and a tail is 0.48 . What is the...
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    Confirmed: CERN discovers new particle likely to be the Higgs boson
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    Best rapper ever is:

    NOTORIOUS B.I.G. \geq 2PAC
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    Awesome website
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    What are the hardest 4 unit topics

    Is it mechanics and harder 3 unit?
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    Epic Music

    Zack Hemsey - R.E.F. (Warrior's Lullabye)
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    Looking for solutions

    Does anyone have the solutions for this paper: ??? It is extremely hard :(