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  1. freaking_out

    how do we get our assignments back??

    well i've handed in assignments for fysics and maths...and i wanna know how do we find out our marks- and is it handed back to u?
  2. freaking_out

    question abt. printers...

    ok, my canon printer has officially died after working for me for the last 1 and a half years. RIP :( anyways, i wanted to know, whats a good printer thats is less than $150. i'm looking for a colour bubble jet printer- i want to have the most efficient printer in terms of running costs and...
  3. freaking_out

    how to change mp3 bit-rates

    i just got this radio, that can play cd's that has mp3's in it... but i've got some mp3 files which has got a bit rate of 32 kbps...i would like to know, how i can change that to 96 kbps (coz thats what the radio can read from)?? also what does "sampling frequencies" mean, coz i also need...
  4. freaking_out

    how much spam e-mails do u get??

    i just wanted to know, coz i'm really getting annoyed at this problem...i mean, i just left a yahoo e-mail account of mine unchecked for 2 days and there had already been like 600+ spam e-mails. :mad1: so yeah, on average i get like 100 spam e-mails per what abt. for u guys?? :o
  5. freaking_out

    which name do u call ya lecturers by??

    i just wanted to know by which name do u call ya lecturers/tutors by...i.e do u call them by their surnames like we did at skool eg. "mr. (insert surname)" or do u call them by their first name. i'm just asking, coz i realise that quite a few ppl. call the lecturers/tutors by their first...
  6. freaking_out

    difficulty of the first year math exams

    i can't seem to get hold of any past papers, but i want to know how hard were the first year maths exams (i specifically wanna know abt. math 1901 and 1902)...was it very hard?? like are they gonna b putting all these "harder" questions, that we find in our tutorials?? if so how much of the...
  7. freaking_out

    timetable changes for students in ENG 1800!!!

    well for those of u who might have not checked their uni. mail- i just wanted to post this e-mail that i got that would affect most of the ppl. doing eng1800.
  8. freaking_out

    forwarding your e-mails

    yeah, i just find out how to forward the mails that i get in my uni. e-mail account into my normal e-mail account, so yeah, for those ppl. (like me) who think that they might forget to check their uni. mails regularly, shuld go to the following site and get the forwarding feature activated. :)...
  9. freaking_out

    my library card doesn't work

    i just wanted to put a book in for reserve, but when i tried to log in to my library, i wouldn't let me!!! so can the first year students pls. go to this link and try wif their cards, and tell me if it works for u guys, coz it doesn't for me!! :( :
  10. freaking_out

    books for maths subjects

    i wanna know what textbooks are we meant to buy for math 1901, math 1902?
  11. freaking_out

    capital punishment...

    so do u agree or not, and why???
  12. freaking_out

    organisation question....

    i know this question might've been asked on the other threads...but still. :p i just want to know how do you guys organise your work stationary what system do u have in place for your printed lecture notes, your own notes, tutorial notes, and your own workings, etc.??
  13. freaking_out

    what do you do if you have a clash?

    i have this clash in my timetable b/w two lectures (b/w chem 1901 and engg1800)...i've tried to fiddle around with the timetable as much as i can, but that clash never seems to go away- so what should i do? and wat r the options that ur usually given when u have a timetable clash? :o
  14. freaking_out

    Your first day of uni.

    relate to us your experience, and how u felt and stuff on your first day. :D
  15. freaking_out

    BOS meetup @ O-week thread!

    ok tooheyz- put ya schedule up here. :)
  16. freaking_out

    how did u make friends in uni.

    yeah, i just wanted to know from ppl. who are at uni- how they made friends with other ppl. (besides joining clubs and societies)- did u just walked up to a person and started talking to them, or did u give out free candy to ppl. (and hence make a lot of friends)...or something else....share it...
  17. freaking_out


    mods. pls. sticky this one. yeah, so what course are u enrolled in, and what subjects are you going to b doing this year? I started this thread here, coz i've seen a lot of ppl. asking around if anyone does their course/subject. :) i'll post my subjects once i have confirmed if i'm allowed...
  18. freaking_out

    >>Online enrolment variations open!

    yep, the online enrolment variations has been activated- go check your Unikey accounts now! :D
  19. freaking_out

    good university guide...

    i wanna know where i can get this from- is it only available to buy online or is there a shop in which i can buy this? btw, does anyone else have this book- if so what do u think abt. it?
  20. freaking_out

    what made u choose your course?

    yeah, so why did u choose your current course, and university....was it bcoz of the job prospects of your course, or was it bcoz of the prestigue of the course, etc. etc.