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    Travel plans

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    writing my books

    your name legit sounds like an author damn......
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    mod b & c resources

    can anyone share anything they have for mod b (artist of the floating world) and mod c (father and child, what time is it now, home in fiction) anything will work essays, quotes, tables etc.
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    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021
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    The Football Thread

    you guys conceded 2 away goals unlucky
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    The Football Thread

    damn 🤣🤣🤣
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    Is Dr Du worth it in Year 12?

    a lot of people from my school go to scom and all of them love it
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    yeah, saw that lmao but those clubs are really huge so it wouldn't be crazy hard for them to fight UEFA
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    its a disgrace to football imo rivalries and derbies won't even be fun anymore legit the best teams will play against each other everyday, no point, its gonna be too repetitive I just hope it doesn't go forward
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    afternoon study routine?

    read about the super league
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

    its the biggest news in football history
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    Football (soccer) - Super League thoughts

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    afternoon study routine?

    psg played well but Bayern would have 100% won if they had lewandowski and gnabry up front at this point, we dont even know if ucl is gonna go forward 😢
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    afternoon study routine?

    why did you change your Neymar pfp lol beef with the super league? 🤣
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    What's the best way to self-mark extended response questions?

    you can take people's essays from the grade above you which you can compare with yours ig
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    How is price determined in market with pure competition?

    not sure but ill just type it down the forces of supply and demand help determine the equilibrium quantity and price at which a product will be sold i.e. there is no government intervention regarding quantity or prices for goods & services
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    The Football Thread