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  1. Mojoman

    The Official Pink Floyd Thread

    pretty sure it hasnt been done before so yeah... GO TEAM! discuss pink floyd and all their awesomeness
  2. Mojoman

    The Course/College Thread

    please say the course you have been accepted to and the college you are going to. me, commerce/economics at Duval (2nd year)
  3. Mojoman

    Semester 2 results

    i am well fucked, my folks said that if i fail a subject this semester they will pull me out of college and i will have to do my course externally. and due the the fact that i failed 2 subjects this semester and 1 last semester :( , my chances of staying on at duval are slim and none.. FUCK...
  4. Mojoman

    exam sympathy thread

    i figured id make a thread about those stupid exams... how is everyone going? when are your exams? etc.etc.etc AS FOR ME!!! my exams are goin alright and i have two left /me waits for applause
  5. Mojoman

    Muse - Sing for Absolution

    has anyone seen the video to this song.. i just saw it then on rage.. twas bloody awesome!!
  6. Mojoman

    randy rhoads

    today 22 years ago randy rhoads died.. so i want everyone to listen to some ozzy in his honour.. for those who dont know who randy rhoads is, he was one of the greatest guitarsists ever... dah dah dahhhhhhhhh :guitar:
  7. Mojoman

    The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect are playing at UNE!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!! Wed 3rd Mar - UNiTE, Bistro Bar University of New England, Armidale With Rahtze & End of Fashion $11 students / $16 general public from Union Shop theres the info.. expect to see me somewhere up the front
  8. Mojoman

    make that 6

    6 days till o-week starts.. hip hip!!....
  9. Mojoman

    Queens of The Stone Age

    they broke up... its not fair
  10. Mojoman

    JJJ Hottest 100

    is anyone listening to it all day today? whats your prediction for number 1? as for me i rekcon outkast will be number one, i dont want it to be, but it will be i want it to be apc - weak and powerless, but it wont happen
  11. Mojoman

    Hercules Returns

    has anyone seen this movie? the funniest goddamn movie ever, it aussie and its just the old italian hercules movie, with aussie voices dubbing it.. hilarious
  12. Mojoman

    hooray.. we won the test

    yay.. go aussie go.. now just win the 4th test in sydney
  13. Mojoman

    WOOHOO!!!.. im in

    I got my letter today that i've been "selected to study at UNE"... thankyou principals rec :D
  14. Mojoman

    the rules of attraction

    has anyone seen this movie?... i saw it last nite.. and it weirded me out awesome movie.. just a little strange.. (yes this is a useless thread, and i am sorry)
  15. Mojoman

    Principals rec

    does any other schools have the SRAS (principals rec) thingy? i find out if i get it on the 5th december
  16. Mojoman

    fun with boobies

    it has prolly been posted before, but at the chance that it hasnt i am posting it for the enjoyment of everyone here. let it load.. it takes a while:D
  17. Mojoman


    wot campus does everyone wanna stay at? i wanna go to duval
  18. Mojoman

    Qotsa 3/1/2004

    did n e one buy tickets to see queens of the stone age at the Hordern Pavilion on the 3rd january next year? I DID :D:D:D... I finally get to see them live after missing them last year
  19. Mojoman

    computer games effecting kids?

    i found this quote on a forum last night and i found it very funny... "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." --Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc, 1989
  20. Mojoman

    A perfect circle

    i heard the first few tracks of the new perfect circle album the thirteenth step today... lemme tell you.. its awesome!!! very trippy and kooky, so it kicks ass now all i need is money to buy the whole album