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    GAMSAT research heres an interesting study about the GAMSAT. In a limited sample (Usyd and UQ), results indicate its a negative predictor of clinical reasoning :eek: but correlates with bio-science results.. its an interesting read for those...
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    Chuck Norris Bridge I have a feeling that its not just the hungarians voting :ninja:
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    Medical Education?,20867,19334127-23289,00.html,20867,19336105-12332,00.html,20867,19301799-12332,00.html,20867,19324106-12332,00.html...
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    BPsych for Pre-Med Study

    there are just some very similar questions... this is a PM to a mod.. but ill answer it.. Do NOT do BPsych unless u want to do psych... cos its just a waste if u dun make medicine.. then u still have to do 2 yrs APS training like (PhD or Masters) and experience in clinical psychology. and...
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    Medicare Reforms.,5744,17881879%255E23289,00.html what do u think? would u see a nurse practitioner over a GP?
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    Med Students Online

    In the wake of AusMedStudent closing due to legal reasons. There has been a new forum created for medical student/medical entry Hope it helps :)
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    Grey's Anatomy

    Tonight(Monday) @ 9:40pm on 7 i saw the 1st episode.. i like it :)..
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    this is about money... more specifically med money this is for NSW.. the bigger the shortage the higher the salary pre-tax intern yr ~42K ( 65-67K w/overtime) residency ~54K (77K/OT) source: AMSA Intern and Resident Guide 2004... (im...
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    Careers Expo

    It is free for all interns, residents and medical students (even if you are not attending AMSA Convention during the week) The MDA National MEDICAL CAREERS EXHIBITION Tuesday the 5th of July, 2005 5-8pm Sydney Convention Centre (North) Free Entry Featuring...
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    Online Specialties Quiz

    its an aptitude test.. good to help u direct ure degree perspective.. its pretti accurate.. my want came up as equal 5th but it recommended urology.. i cried...
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    these are mainly for meddies in PBL/Clinical Orientated Subjects freebooks4 doctors: Gray's Anatomy (its Old school would cost $300 for the book..): Microbiology and Immunology:
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    Clinical Vs Research Medicine

    *rant* someone not mentioning any names :P was saying how medicine is just about clinical.. \ THIS REALLY annoys me.. because I dun think enough incoming med students get that Medicine is awesome because personally there is sooo much opportunities! to specialise and to do research.. Im...
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    Evolution/Intelligent Design I dun support ID in anyway.. and i think its stupid.. i believe in Christ/God and his death and ressurrection,, IMO ID is intellectual crackpot.. it fails basic scientific scrutiny
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    DVD blanks.

    Anyone been using the DVD+DL ones? cos they are meant to be fulli compatible with DVD players.. price is a lil restrictive..about $10 a pop.. anyone seen it for less yet? oh ..and for sinlge layer 8x ones.. im looking for a reliable brand but not too rediculously expensive..
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    wats a directional derivative? if g(x,y) = 2xy - y^3 at (4,2) in the direction , u =(2,1) [a vector]... how is the directional derivative found? and wat is it?
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    Optus Missed Call Service

    Its a new service where u get an annoying person answer the fone Dial 159 to disable the service
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    gettin ova it..

    whats the best way to get over a long relationship...? -drink -smoke -eat -f*ck sum1 else -take up a hobby -keep ureself occupied -meet someone else.. quite a few have been tried but wats good?
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    Interview offers..

    Wat did u get? UNSW ADEL should be out soon.. last yr i had a couple and all of them clashed.. lik adel at 12pm and monash at 2pm and newcastle at 11am..on the same day .. which would be possible.. if there wasnt a 1/2 hr delay already from adel.. and the distance
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    UMATs results..

    i did mine last year... if u got a UNSW interview.. u can be sure ure percentiles would be over 230 in sum.. well last year... so how did guys go?
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    line rental//

    im gettin broadband cos my d/u internet is gettin too dear.. anyone kno of cheap line rental??? for my phone.. cos i still need taht