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  1. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Global Variables in Pseudocode + Time Formatting

    hey how do i declare the global variables in pseudocode so that they can be used in both sub programs and the mainprogram =/ i dont remember this. =0, wat im trying to do is use an errorcounter that will be used in subprogram and then use it to display the number of errors in the mainprogram...
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    hey guys, do u remember wat the shortcut is for finding out whether a binary number is divisible by another. Not the long divsion way, i mean the short cut to see if its fully divisible or if it has a remainder, i cant remember it =/
  3. Kn1ght_M4r3

    WEBSITES FOR LOGIC GATES AnD the practical stuff.

    If yah n0t 100% sure of logic gates and the decimal conversions and etc, u can go to these sites i went to. They are great sites which will help you if you aren't sure about some of the stuff. its got animations which makes it much easier to understand heheeh. Logic Gates...
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    Is anyone using a song for their supp as changing self?
  5. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Test Yourself Online just go there and you can test yourself online, for most of the exams. =0) thought u guys mite wanna give it a go. :D
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    Is it true?

    Hey guys, Is it true if you write underneath the lines provided the marker does not have to mark that section?? say they give you 3 blank lines to write an answer and you need more room so you write underneath the 3rd line, the marker does not need to mark that 4th line you wrote???
  7. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Buying a COmp

    Hey guyz need some advice. im gonna buy a new comp. its gonna be used mainly for d/l watching movies and music and stuff like that. not gonna be playing all these intense games on it. ehhehe so was wondering any good setup for one? im thinking Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse...
  8. Kn1ght_M4r3

    HDD formatting = memory loss??

    Hey is it true that if u format ur HDD that it will result in a memory loss in the hdd? i dunno because my friend told me that but i dont think that is entirely true. i just wanted to confirm this before i continue formatting my computer. coz i am thinking of formatting soon and if thats true...
  9. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Cssa Markin Criteria

    well i scanned most of the CSSA marking criteria up for those who may want it. ATM its just missing the draw ur screen design, and the two option topicz. ill get them done asap and upload it together again. so if u wanna check the other stuff here u go. :)
  10. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Csaa Markin Criteria

    well i scanned most of the CSSA marking criteria up for those who may want it. ATM its just missing the draw ur screen design, and the two option topicz. ill get them done asap and upload it together again. so if u wanna check the other stuff here u go. :)
  11. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Digital Camera Competition

    Submit your favorite digital photo and win a chance to go On Expedition in Santa Fe with National Geographic! On top of this, the winner will also receive a Sony Cyber-shot DSCV1 plus accessories. This prize is worth nearly $7500...
  12. Kn1ght_M4r3

    PORTS from 2002 exam

    hey guys i know some of the ports but its the MAC ones i don't know can u guys help out here? Just name the ports if u can.
  13. Kn1ght_M4r3

    .LocalIP Update

    Hey there i just have one small problem, i want to show the winsock local Ip. Like it works but only thing is when the Local Ip changes it does not change within the program does anyone know why? :confused: example im on a network and it will display the network IP which is correct. But...
  14. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Emotions in RTB?

    Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you guys know how msn and that do the Emotions in the rich text box?? Anyone know how they do it? :confused:
  15. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Flowhart Template

    Hey does anyone live around the liverpool/bonnyrigg area who has found the Flowchart template?? I went around a few newsagents + office works and they don't have em and i asked them and they didn't know what i was on about [not that i expected them to]. :mad1: Anywayz i was wondering is...
  16. Kn1ght_M4r3

    2D Array.

    Hey im just revising some stuff and i remember last week my teacher said when reading an array its the Y,X Co-ordinates u read??? I questioned him thinking it was the (X,Y). My excel book has (x,y) whereas my Carole Wilson has (Y,X) who is right? im lost :confused: Excel Page 35 " In a 2d...
  17. Kn1ght_M4r3

    FileOpen Function

    Hey can anyone help me out. i need to understand how the FileOpen function works. I tried it out but for meeh it doesn't work. i just want to know how this works but for some reason i just keep on...
  18. Kn1ght_M4r3

    When'z UR SDD trial exam, Are u Ready?

    Do any of you guys noe when your SDD exam is? Because i got a timetable from a friend from a catholic skool but it doesnt say the skools name or anything just 2003 timetable for trials. I was just wondering does everyone do the exam at the same time or we get different ones. And are any of...
  19. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Rich Text Box [font]

    okay this is the problem im having, i wanted to let the font change for the RTB and i altered the code and now its able to change the font without selecting it before hand. though now for the size and color i dont know how to change it. any ideaZ? rtbDisplay = rich text box cdlViewer =...
  20. Kn1ght_M4r3

    Analysis toolz

    Hey guys i need help to get 5 anaylsis tools for my documentation. so far i have story board, algorithm, gantt chart and dunno wat else i can do?? and btw wtf is a story board like i dunno how im supposed to set it out and never seen one b4 for sdd. Anyone can help me out here??? thanx alot.