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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Hello, I was curious if for the math courses at ANU (particularly first year, Math 1115), do you use the textbook a lot, or a set of lecturer's notes etc? Thanks
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    New HSC Mathematics Syllabus?

    Hi, I was wondering if they are still planning on updating the calculus based NSW HSC courses (mathematics, MX1, MX2)? If so, when is the planned update to occur, and when will it be implemented? Thanks
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    BOS Trials 2014 Solution Q 11 e

    Hi, I've been reading through the BOS Trials solutions 2014, and I don't understand one part of it for Q 11 e, why can't the circle be below the x-axis? Wouldn't that still satisfy the locus x^2 + y^2 = 1? Thanks
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    Trigonometric Part of HSC 2016 Q 16 a) i)

    Hi, I was curious for Q 16 a) i), why does sin(theta)=sin(-alpha) mean that theta = - alpha? Why don't you have to consider it in terms of general solutions, with theta = 2*pi*k - (-1)^k alpha, and then some how work it out from there? If -pi < x <= pi, -pi < y < pi, and sin(x) = 1/2 and...
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    Graphing 2008 HSC 3 a) iii)

    I was attempting to graph the function from the 2008 HSC Q 3 A) iii) The way that I tried to tackle it was as follows: 1. Graphed y(-x), which is just a reflection of the graph about the y-axis. 2. Graphed y(-x + 2), which I thought should be the graph in step 1, slides to the left by 2...
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    Absolute Value Signs, Inequalities and Mechanics

    Hi, Context: When looking at the 2007 HSC Q 3 d) ii) where they asked for what values of w is N >), the MANSW solutions obtain that w^2 < g/rtan(Theta), and then state |w| < (g/rtan(theta))^0.5 . However, for the 2016 HSC Q 13 c) ii) they asked for what range of values of w is T_2 > T_1...
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    Combinatorics "Piles"

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with a question. Context: If I wanted to arrange 12 presents into 4 piles of 3, this can be done in (12C3*9C3*6C3*3C3)/(4!) as the piles are interchangeable (for the last part about 4!). Question: However, if I wanted to arrange 3n...
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    Inverse Cosine Function

    Hi, Are the general solutions for cos(x) = cos(a), x = 2*pi*k +/- a (where k is an integer)? If so, I was trying to find the general solution to cosx = 0, I thought it would be 2*pi*k +/- pi/2, however there solution was pi/2 + k*pi. How did they get there solution? Thanks
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    Harder 3U Textbook?

    Hi, I was curious if there is any textbooks (or textbook like resources) devoted solely to harder 3U? I'm aware that textbooks like Terry Lee, Fitzpatrick and Arnold have harder 3U sections, but I was curious if there was any more extensive resources (more/harder questions, more theory etc.)...
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    Trial Papers Chemistry from different schools - Order of difficulty

    Hi, I was wondering if for chemistry anyone has a list of the order of difficulty of some of the school's trial papers for chemistry? Thanks
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    Trial Papers from different schools - Order of difficulty

    Hi, I was wondering if for physics anyone has a list of the order of difficulty of some of the school's trial papers for physics? Thanks
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    Hard MX1 Questions

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a compilation of hard MX1 questions for a variety of topics (not for MX2 but for MX1), similar to Ekman's compilation (in MX2)? Thanks
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    MX2 Trial Questions By Topic

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get MX2 trial questions (from various schools) by topic? I've seen similar things for physics and chemistry, and I was curious if such things exist for maths? Thanks
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    Remembering Formulae for Conics

    Hi, If we remember various formulae for conics such as the equations of tangents, ellipses, chords, and chords of contacts are we allowed to utilise them in the exam? I'm aware if the question specifically asked you to prove the equation for a tangent to an ellipse you can't simply state it...
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    Predicting HSC Questions?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this applies to math (as it is "independent" from global events), but can you predict the likelihood of various topics being the last question in the exam (conics, mechanics, H3U etc.)? E.g. I know for economics people are able to predict (guess with great likelihood)...
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    State Ranking

    Hi, When it comes to students who achieve state ranks and/or first in the state for their subject is it solely dependent on their raw HSC exam result? Or are there other factors that are taken into account? Thanks
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    Balancing Study Time

    Hi, How do you decide the amount of study time to allocate to each subject? The current "ratios" of study I've got planned are Physics (17%), Chemistry (17%), English (14%), Mathematics Extension 1 (Inclusive of 2 unit) (17%), Mathematics Extension 2 (31%) and Economics (3%) (I'm thinning of...
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    Suitable method for Induction

    Hi, Is the following a suitable method for induction? (For the purpose of brevity, I'm going to skip the testing and the conclusion) \text{Prove by Mathematical Induction for n is an integer and greater than or equal to 4 that, } 2^n \geq n^2 \\ \text{Assume statement is true for } n=k \\...
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    E naught or E theta?

    Hi, For electrochemistry in the production of materials topic, I've been told that for the cell voltage it is E^theta. But other resources that I've found state it to be E^0. Which one is it? Thanks
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    1999 Binomial Identity Problem

    Hi, In the 1999 MX1 paper, question 7 B. How do you do it? Thanks