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    Surface Area question

    1) A cuboid of length 5 m, breadth 3 m and depth 2 m required 4 tins of paint to give it three coats. How many tins of paint would be needed to give three coats of paint to a cuboid whose dimensions are doubled? 2) A rectangular prism has a Volume V. A second rectangular prism with edges twice...
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    Challenging equation word problems Please help with these four problems

    a) In triangle PQR, the length of each side is a whole number of centimetres. Also, PQ is 14 cm longer than PR, and QR is 30 cm longer than PR. Find the minimum possible perimeter of triangle PQR in centimetres. b) A rectangular garden pond has a length 60 cm more than its width. The pond...
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    Challenging word problems (equations)

    c) A man is now 5 times as old as his son. In 8 years time, he will only be 3 times as old as his son. How old is the father now? d) Dave is presently 20 years older than his daughter Alison. If Dave’s age 12 years from now is twice Alison’s age 12 years from now, find their present ages e)...
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    Challenge equations (word problems)

    a) As a reward for a week of good behaviour, Tommy was given $7 to spend at the school canteen. By the time Tommy got to the canteen, there were only chocolate bars, meat pies and pizza pieces left. The prices of a chocolate bar, a meat pie and a pizza piece were 75 c, $1.05 and $1.65...
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    Equations word problems

    Please can you show working for the following: a) At a sale, Sarah spent $143 on some shirts and shorts. The shirts cost $15 each and the shorts cost $17 each. What is the total number of shirts and shorts that Sarah bought? b) Bill sits for a test containing 20 questions. He gets 2 marks...
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    Ratios question

    A 250-millilitre drink bottle of cordial is made by mixing 4 parts of cordial to 1 part of water. Jacob drinks 100 mL of the drink bottle consisting of the cordial and water mixture and thinks it is too strong. So he fills the bottle back up with 100 mL of pure water. How much cordial is in...
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    Please help?

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    Energy question

    Please help
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    Financial maths into question

    John bought a TV for $3250. He paid a 10% deposit and made monthly repayments of $96 for 3 years. What annual flat rate of interest was John charged?
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    Financial maths question please show all working

    John bought a TV for $3250. He paid a 10% deposit and made monthly repayments of $96 for 3 years. What annual flat rate of interest was John charged?
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    Area of a region

    Draw a sketch of the curve f (x) = 3 cos x and the curve g(x) = sin 2x in the domain 0 less than and equal to x less than and equal to pi. and then find the area of the region bounded by the curve f(x) = 3 cos x and the curve g (x) = sin 2x in the given domain.
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    Please help

    A percussionist is experimenting with designs for a xylophone. It is to be symmterical in shape. The shortest woden bar is to be 10cm long and the consecutive bars will differ in length by b cm. The total length of all the wooden bars is S cm. Let the number of wooden bars be 2n+1. i)...
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    Please help with the following trial questions
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    Trial past paper please help
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    Past trial hsc papers

    Anyone willing to choose a question or as many as they want and write the solution so I can that my working out is correct. Thanks
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    Please help with these probability questions

    1) there are two white and three black discs in a bag. two players A and B are playing a game in which they draw a disc from the bag and then replace it. player A must draw a white disc to win and player b must draw a black disx. player a goes first. find the probability that A) player b wins...
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    Probability question please help

    Shadia has invented a game for one person. she throws two dice repeatedly until the sum of the two numbers shown is either six or eight. if the sum is six, she wins. if the sum is eight, she loses. if the sum is any other number, she continues to throw until the sum is six or eight. calculate...
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    Would anyone check my solutions to a few probability questions Please can you check through my solutions and see what mistakes I’m making. I must admit 17b I had no clue
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    Can someone please help Can someone please help with Q19, Q7b,c,d and Q8c i and ii Please show all working Thanks in advance
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    Series and sequences

    one sunday,120 days before christmas, franksworth store publishes an advertismenr saying 120 shopping days until christmas. fraksworth subsequently published similar advertisments every Sunday until christmas. A) how many times does franksworth advertise? B) find the sum of numbers of days...