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    Dip Ed

    Hi folks. It's been a long time since I've posted here AND it feels like ages since I left high school. Eight years, yikes. Some of you may remember me, some of you might not, but since I left school and these forums I've completed a Diploma of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts majoring in...
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    optus broadband.

    I'm on the optus power plan and I haven't gone over my data usage for the month, however, the wireless and internet keeps cutting out and over the past few days I've noticed webpages loading terribly slowly as if I have gone over my broadband. I was wondering if any other optus users have...
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    what constitutes cheating?

    Where do you thinking cheating begins? Is it holding hands with another guy, too much hugging and touching, kissing places other than the lips (neck, hands, arms etc) or is it more serious than that? What would you get pissed off with your other half for doing?
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    Lawn Party @ Randwick Races

    Is anyone going to this? I know the tickets are pretty pricey, but it sounds like it's going to be worth it; my boyfriend picked up our tickets about ten minutes ago so now I'm excited.
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    file hosting on the web

    I want to host a CSS file and I've tried but since it's always screwing up, it's always messing about with my page. So apart from personal hosting (since I don't know anyone with their own website), where can I host a file on the internet?
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    itunes help

    I've just started using itunes to play my music, but I was wondering if there was anyway to hook it up to MSN using a plug-in so that my 'now listening to' shows. Is this possible?
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    Adobe Illustrator + creating vectors

    I installed Adobe Illustrator for the first time last night because I'd like to start creating vectors for websites, layouts etc. I'm fairly up to speed with programs like Photoshop, but Illustrator is driving me nuts. I've found some tutorials, but they're not helping at all. So, my question...
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    quick html question

    what's the code to change the font style? all i need is a simple answer. 1, 2, 3...go.
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    When guys say they'll call...

    and then don't. What the hell is this? Do all males do this, regardless of whether they're in a relationship or not? If you're not going to call, don't say you will. That's called lying and in case you missed the lesson, that's a bad thing. *grumbles* Stupid boyfriend.
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    winmx question

    Is it possible to download zip files and word documents on WinMX and if so, how do I do it? All I see are three options for movies, pictures and music.
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    NSW SOO II team named

    No Kimmorley *dances* NSW team named for Origin II 6 June 2005 The NSW team to play Queensland in the second game of the 2005 State of Origin series at Telstra Stadium on June 15 was named today. The team is: Anthony Minichiello, Matt...
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    the witch of cologne

    Has anyone read this book by Tobsha Learner? Any thoughts?
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    Anyone use this brand and what items do you use? I quite like them, my favourite item is the nutririch lip balm.
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    Group interviews

    I have a group interview for David Jones this week and I was wondering, are group interviews scarier than one on one interviews?
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    HSC Exam/Preparation

    Two part question. What date is the HSC exam this year for Modern and are you all prepared?
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    loz and veanz's CF cult mania

    This is all about Colin Firth and his lovely sex god ways. Discuss.
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    Adobe Photoshop

    I know this is quite a large program, but could someone help me work out why it freezes on me everytime I go to use it? I can't do anything with it.
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    Spicing this form up!

    I'm filling mine out now.
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    When is the Modern History trial? If it's been, how was it?
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    Simpsons Tackles Homosexual Marriage

    'Simpsons' Tackles Homersexual Marriage (Tuesday, July 27 02:37 PM) LOS ANGELES ( First, Homer Simpson learned to respect homosexuals after gay antique dealer John (voiced by John Waters) saved him from a herd of angry reindeer in "Homer's Phobia." Then, in "Three Gays of the...