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    Question about changes.

    First HSC exam new syllabus maths is 2020. Pre mid-2010s, you would have to be actually good at maths to do HSC 4u exams. If your school isn't like top 10, you could probably bludge 4U and expect a reasonable trial.
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    oh ye, i think there are some things where you can transfer, but it's probably as hard as postgrad to transfer.
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    postgrad/massive bonus points not too sure how it works or no.
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    Tutoring for 3u or 4u math

    u could also just go to both at a cheaper place. if ur downgrading from something like dr du sydney centre of maths 3u + 4u is probably < the price for 4u at du. if we look at something like ngo, 3u+4u gets even cheaper and is probably like one of sydney centre of maths
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    Screwed for Business

    A week is enough if you have the brainpower to memorise a book and a syllabus. Content isn't that hard. Make sure you are able to write fast lol.
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    Lami's Theorem for ext 2

    i dont see why not
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    Failed an exam! What do I do?

    a better guide is how easy you find doing 3u cambridge chapters lol, and whether you can solve any enrichment problems. i would imagine doing 4u without being able to solve qs from top schools is pretty painful.
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    Banish careless mistakes

    if you're doing longer working out problems eventually you will stop making careless mistakes or you will get nothing right lol.
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    I stuffed up my eco exam

    cant do maths in the morning and all my maths exams are in the morning lol. hopefully trials extends into a time when i am awake.
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    Memorising quotes

    organise your quotes in chronological order depending on story timeline, or maybe separate them into arguments where you remember the chain of concepts. arguments/plotlines are more easy to remember than quotes, and doing so will allow quotes to come more naturally. also make sure your quotes...
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    I stuffed up my eco exam

    i've halved my ranks in one assessment.
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    I stuffed up my eco exam

    no idea, but i've dealt with far worse lol.
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    I stuffed up my eco exam

    very clutchable.
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    Scholarship to UNSW?

    99.90 chancellors
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    what subject should i drop?

    business kinda rote as well pretty sure just so u know
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    Is tutoring necessary?

    didnt that man have access to tutoring resources lol
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    UBS Cadetship

    i thought it was a couple hundred lol.
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    maybe compressed curriculum
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    80+ atar my dudes?

    it's hard to accurately predict based on internal ranks and marks without knowing school rank and school band 6 count per subject, and thereafter you would be making rough estimates of final fully corrected scores and just chucking them into an atar calculator lol.
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    mechanics question

    actually i think there might have been two circles.