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    ACCT1501 help

    Can anyone help me with any of the questions below? i'm so confused about the whole inventory chapter
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    help with timetable

    ok so when i was organising my timetable for flexible first year engineering, there were no clashes at all, but when i went on the class timetable on the myunsw page. There was a clash? why is this happening? here's what i'm talking about: class timetable on myunsw page:
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    Question for engineering students

    hi everyone, i just finished the 2019 hsc and i'm probably going to sound a bit dramatic but based on how i did i highly doubt i'd get into the unsw engineering courses. How does internal transfer work? can you transfer from any degree in unsw as long as you achieve a certain mark (i think it's...
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    What would everyone estimate to be the raw mark required for a band 6?
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    question for selective school kids

    Im just curious but for anyone that goes/went to a selective school (especially the top ranked ones), is there actually anyone that DOESN'T care about studying? As in their parents forced them to sit the entrance test but they don't really want to study themselves?? just asking out of curiousity...
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    hi everyone, for this question, i don't understand how you figure out whether K or Cr2O7 is the one that is involved in the redox reaction???
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    can someone help me with this question

    can someone explain why the answer for 19 is A and why the answer for 20 is A
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    QUESTION for 1984 and metropolis

    HII everyone, so for 1984, i'm a little confused about the context. Was there a rise in communist/fascist governments before or after world war 2??? because orwell was inspired by the rise of totalitarian regimes right?
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    how do hsc markers even check plagerism

    ok so i'm really curious about how nesa can actually check plagerism in the english paper? because 1. it's handwriting, so it's not like they can just use tools like turnitin 2. There are THOUSANDS of paper to mark, would a marker actually be able to remember a similar essay? (its possible...
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    For asian guys that are into stuff like kpop/anime

    lol just out of curiosity, for those of you that like idols and drama actresses like bae suzy, do you think your standards are heightened because of such interests?? for example, would you prefer someone as thin or as pale as korean idols?
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    lol i'm being really petty but...

    i know i'm being really petty and oversensitive but i need to vent xD i just got my cssa 2 unit back and got 96/100, which is tbh, one of the only times i came first for anything in the school. People in my ext class congratulated me, mainly bcus they know i'm not the naturally smart type and...
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    question for people who got an atar of 92

    helllooo so for everyone who got an atar of 92 or 93, what were the raw hsc marks for your subjects?
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    For those of you that did the CSSA paper and TS eliot...

    For those of you that did the CSSA paper and TS eliot for module B? What did they specify when you guys did it???? (e.g like they would say refer to "hollow man" and one other poem in your essay) please reply to me if you did your trials/hsc from 2015 and on or if you just happen to know...
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    this is going to sound really dumb..

    hiii this may be the dumbest thing u read today on the forum but..i always see people comment and stuff and under their comment there would be a line, under that is usually either the subjects they do or their atar or advertisement for do you do that?? (please don't make fun of...
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    question for people who did T.S eliot

    heyy so for people who did T.S did u study for it? i was originally planning to write two paragraphs for each poem, but that means 10 PARAGRAPHS to memorise + intro and conclusion..that's just too much to memorise along with module a, aos, and module C. I think this is what the...
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    is it possible for me to get an atar above 93

    hii everyone if it's not too much trouble, can anyone who do the same subjects as me post your hsc marks so i can see roughly what i need to aim for?? (i know there's internal and scaling and all that impacting the actual hsc mark but still i just want a rough idea) my subjects are...
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    parts per million help

    hi everyone, i'm low key struggling with ppm practices (the homework from the matrix tutoring book is hard for me) and i can't seem to find practices (with answers) anywhere, if anyone has any good resources please help me OTL
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    HELP with assessment task

    heyy everyone so i've just gotten my oral speech notification and the question is "Important discoveries have the potential to challenge one’s assumptions and beliefs about aspects of human experience and the world." I'm doing the tempest by shakespeare and i'm not sure what to use for my...
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    PLEASE HELP with this redox/half equation question

    hi everyone im very very very stuck on this question if anyone can help please DO