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    And so it is live! A Guide to Surviving University (for first years like me) :)

    I interviewed an array of teachers and university students to give you the ultimate guide to university survival :) I would love if you checked it out and subscribed!
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    Hi! I'm planning to do a Q&A with some 1st year university students and experienced teachers on entering university. Please comment any questions!

    Hi! So I run a small YouTube channel QingClear and I'm going to do a video interviewing some university students and experienced teachers on the university experience. As 2021 and 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, I would love for you guys to comment any questions here about entering...
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    I've started a YouTube channel (QingClear) to post some of the *wisdom* I have gathered over my high school years.

    Hi! I've recently graduated and decided to start a YouTube channel named QingClear to share some of the study tips and general knowledge I have gathered over the past 5 or so years. Please check it out and if any of it helps you please subscribe! ;) Latest STUDY TIPS VIDEO --> (part 2 coming...
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    Thank you!

    Would just like to thank this community for providing valuable support and resources during a turbulent HSC year. I will be posting my resources for Physics, Legal Studies and English Adv. Look out for them!
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    Hi! I'm a recently graduated selective school student who is available for private Economics tutoring (years 11 and 12). I have over 2 years of teaching experience and a genuine passion for Economics. I will ensure that you achieve complete comprehensive understanding and genuine enjoyment of...
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    On track for a 96?/how have I done? UPDATED

    I'm in a top 10 school, these are my final report (sem 2) marks and rank: English -----> 91/100, 45/125 (72 B6s) Math Adv -----> 83/100, 29/106 (42 B6s) Math Extension -----> 76/100, 41/68 (58 B6s) Eco ---> 93/100, 2/35 (17 B6s) Business Studies ---> 93/100, 2/19 (17 B6s) Physics ---> 87/100...
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    If I enjoy HSC Economics will this mean I will enjoy USyd Bachelor of Economics?

    I have placed Ba. Econ and Adv Studies at USyd as my first preference pretty much based solely on how much I enjoyed HSC economics. However, I have read that university economics is very math and stats based (part of the reason I was scared away from the UNSW Ba. Econ) and although I don't hate...
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    Applying - what should I include???

    I am currently doing 11 units in my HSC year and in my trials I majorly failed the one unit extra that I do (Math Ext 1). In scholarship applications, since we have to submit our trial marks - would it be wise to drop the extra unit so I omit the bad mark in my applications?. My overall is still...
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    Attacking exams when you've run out of time?

    Generally to maximise chance of getting marks while running out of time, would it be better to continue forward doing as much as you can? or skip from question to question trying to complete parts of everything/give the high marker ones a go - which you wouldn't have time for, if you had...
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    Need opinions on degree choice! UNSW and Usyd Ba. Commerce vs UNSW and Usyd Ba. Economics

    I'm not sure if I should pursue a degree in Economics or major in it. I've so far enjoyed HSC Economics a lot and done very well in the writing sections but, I think I am also interested in marketing however, I did not enjoy Y10 Commerce at all. I'm not naturally good at math however, I am...
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    Are these ranks and marks able to get me a 93+ atar?/how am I heading?

    I'm in a top 10 school: English -----> 80/100, 61/125 Math Adv -----> 90/100, 15/111 Math Extension -----> 86/100, 27/80 Eco ---> 100/100, 1/35 Business Studies ---> 98/100, 2/19 Physics ---> 72/100, 17/24 It's really hard to put things into perspective and I'm very unhappy with English and...