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    The ads on this site are fantastic add some more

    I love getting new interactive hsc learning resources. The ads on this have those. We should get more
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    Can you guys help me construct my paragraph

    Point:Parental Relationships impact the destiny of individuals and mould their intrinsic character. Christopher’s harmonious interactions with his father positively effect his psyche whilst his experiences with deceit leads to him develop emotional trauma. Evidence,technique,analysis...
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    How can i improve my notes?

    Basically, we have this test on HIV, in which we can bring in an unlimited number of notes and research for. Is there anything else I need to add in?
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    Is this correct?

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    Have i done this right?

    Could you guys please check my answers, i'm mainly conserened about question 10,11,12
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    The hardest task I have ever faced in my HSC

    I have chosen The Catalan numbers So I go on this OEIS website, to find a bunch of code language that I understand nothing of. It’s like it’s another language entirely. So I was able to get the name of sequences being the Catalan numbers, I’m assuming the first few terms are the ones shown in...
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    1. I know this seem like a dumb question, but for question 1 do I just write 1,2,34,5 for n? And then 1,3,6,10,15 for Tn 2. I have no idea how I’m going to use recurrsion for question 2 and how to do the explicit formula either 3. And I need Tn to do question 3 and I’m suppose to provide a...
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    Why did they make it like this

    Hi guys I know this may seem like a bit of a rant, but hear me out. My school has the investigating science textbook, it is a fantastic book with clear explanations, questions and complete solutions to all questions. I also personally own the maths in focus textbook which is another fantastic...
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    what is the best way to study for bio?

    i really need to know
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    How great would a 3-4 unit chem or bio be, and if English wasn’t mandatory

    Like Daym , 3 unit bio would sick! I’d literally do 2 extra units of bio and replace English with that
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    does bio in focus, have proper worked solutions?

    cus the chemistry one doesn't even have solutions to every question!
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    what is hscstudylabs? anyone had it before?

    im wanting to buy it but idk how good it is
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    Can anyone provide with their previous depth studies so that I can make sure I’m doing everything right

    Can anyone provide with their previous depth studies so that I can make sure I’m doing everything right
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    websites like Seneca for the HSC?

    anyone know interactive learning sources like seneca?
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    Any alternatives to edrolo?

    I like the virtual tutor experience, being able to watch a video and learn
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    If I send a preapproval, can I use my ATAR to get a better position if I change my mind?

    So if I send a preapproval and get accepted. But If i do my hsc and get a high atar, can I then reapply again to that university with my atar score
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    How can I get access to my local libraries online hsc resources?

    If I want access to their hsc resources. Do I go the library and ask for access?
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    You can get hsc study labs for free? Using your local library

    I read on this forum that you dms get hsc study labs for free using your local library. How do I do this? Do I go the library and ask for hsc study labs???
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    This changes everything! any alternatives of this for biology?

    ok so im a guy who hates textbooks, so many words that dont add up. Does anyone know any websites or apps like learnable, that are like digital learning courses, or digital textbooks for biology?