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  1. how u doin?


    does anyone know the name of the song in the Bailey's add? the one where all the people are floating around at a party. it sounds like a polyphonic spree song...
  2. how u doin?

    Australia vs Sri Lanka

    Interesting first day. Australia out for about 200 and the Lankans already 3 down. Seems pretty similar to the series they had in Sri Lanka. Hopefully Warney bowls as well here as he did over there.
  3. how u doin?

    tonights simpons

    did anyone notice, that edna krabaple's (sp??) - Barts teachers - voice had changed??
  4. how u doin?

    help with an essay.

    i've got an essay due on monday on nationalism in modern europe, and im fucked. if anyones written an essay on this could they please PM me. please please please.
  5. how u doin?

    'The L Word' ?

    did anyone else see this show last night??
  6. how u doin?

    Paradise Hotel

    How good is this show!
  7. how u doin?


    i missed the start of pizza tonight, what the fuck was going on???
  8. how u doin?

    the great debate

    which is the best footy code in Australia? personally i dont think it can even be argued that nrl or rugby union compare in popularity or quality to afl...
  9. how u doin?

    Ben Lee

    like him or hate him?
  10. how u doin?

    living awayfrom home allowance?

    if there is a uni course i want to do, but my local uni doesn't offer it, is it possible to recieve an allowance from the gov, to help with collage. if anyone knows anything about it, could ya give me some advice please.