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    Assessment Feedback

    Would anyone be able to give me feedback for my prepared Section IV response. It is an in-class task?
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    History Essay

    My current modern history task is, “How significant was the war in the air in shaping the course of the European war?” I recognise that this question is fairly straight forward, however, I believe I'm overthinking what to include in my essay. For this part of the syllabus (the air war and its...
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    Project Question Assistance

    Hi, I am wondering whether anyone would be able to assist me in refining my history extension question. Currently, it is: Analyse the differing historical interpretations and perspectives surrounding the events of the Armenian Genocide and genocide denial. My teacher has said my question is too...
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    Henry V -- Task + Thesis Help

    I have my yearly assessment for the (Module B: Critical Study of Literature), our current novel study is Henry V. NATURE OF THE TASK Students will have one hour (plus 5 minutes reading time) to write an essay in response to an unseen question on Shakespeare’s history play, Henry V. We have...
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    Legal Studies Help !!!!!!!!!

    I have a longer response question to answer: Assess how the law operates to achieve justice in practice. Refer to TWO contemporary issues in your response. I have been struggling to understand how to address this question. We were given some examples for contemporary issues that we could use...
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    Creative Writing Help !!!

    I have an assessment task for English Advanced, to write an imaginative piece of writing no more that 1500 words. The composition is to focus on the literary elements of place, characterisation and point of view. If I were being truthful, I struggle with imaginative writing. I have spent already...