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    Dermatology course [advice?]

    this is the most correct post so far...FACD is needed to practise... and there are about 30-40 trainees in the country at any one point.. *its probably less than that*
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    the idea is -hot water bottle thingys -ponstan/nurofen -the pill -laproscopic removal by a gynecologist most girls just make sure they have pads/tampons and the ponstan or other painkiller like nurofen with them. With the pill it usually controls it with little problem. ask your GP for...
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    Question about Medicine acceptance...

    you can be accepted depending on the record, youth records sometimes dont come up on criminal records if they arent too bad. however if you commit a crime (i.e assault and any thing like that which could can be deemed 'unsavoury for a doctor') after 18 you are looking at fronting up to the...
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    Is Medicine really a hard course?

    psychologically it can be hard. It can be a relationship killer, if you dont have supportive friends/partner/family/etc. It is hard to schedule work in later years. you are poor longer than most ppl. but it can be fulfilling just need to remember to switch it off when you arent studying. High...
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    Laptop < $700-800, light/portable 4 educational purpose

    from memory the 10' eeepcs and i think lenova or HP have larger keyboards than the dell.. asus now have chiclet keyboards tho (the macbook like ones) so i dunno if thats still true try out the dells at officework the new eeepc 1004dn has a DVD drive on it :) or spend 3000 and get the carbon...
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    med advice

    LOL its all in jest :P well i kno it is :)
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    med advice

    I worked with some grad med boys when during a clinical placement and they are as capable as yr 12 entry candidates and I think its how they go in intensive clinical placements(pre-intern kind) and then later in work environment.. its funny now im applying for intern positions and they ask the...
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    undergraduate med, who can cut it?

    im graduating this year and i think its just about being smart about workload, time managment and furthering ur understanding.. see if you understand medicine and have no social skills.. you are a bad doctor.. and vice versa..being good at both and working on ur weaknesses is key to being a...
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    med advice

    i agree too with chinaski.. but i also think chinaski is hot :wave:
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    med advice

    funny how thats not true at all and you must be on drugs to think that is reasonably true i got that and i know plenty more with 99+ and couldnt handle med.. i know ppl with 91 that do better than 99 at working as doctors.. there is not really much between after 90.. the best indicator of...
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    there is so many things wrong with this post i dunno where to start..
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    yep thats the max that the motherboard it runs.. 2 gb ddr2
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    havent done the drop test yet lol but my HDD is rated for drops.. not the screen tho .. insane..
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    i notice the improvements post-hibernation and with multiple tabs and youtube :)
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    what are you craving atm?

    had one at work the other day.. they still make them
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    i have the eeepc 1000HD.. 2gb ram and 250gb HDD works a treat.. have used the MSI wind too both are fine.. the price point for the wind is very decent tho.. the U100 and U90 ... but no the U110.. due to the 1gb ram limit..its soldered onboard although the U120 from msi looks promising too...
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    prozac... makes the world a happier place..
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    Who is suited for medicine?

    -must not sleep well -practical -have patience -good hand-eye coordination -does not mind studying hard -care about others -love stupid challenges -good judgement/planning skills -good at dealing with ppl -not having a short temper is good -willing to teach others -willing to keep learning from...
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    What's you're back-up if you don't get into med?

    retrospectively i want to be a chef
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    The sleaziest thing someone has said to you

    wanna cocktail... minus the tail?.....