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    The place of private healthcare

    Sickness that curbs religious freedom | The Australian The ACT government is attempting to bully Catholics into selling Calvary Hospital - an excellent and viable hospital which can easily continue operating. Ofc, there is some public subsidy received and the government is threatening to end...
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    Inglorioius Basterds

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    The Return to Fault-Based Divorce

    Opposition ready to debate fault-based divorce | The Courier-Mail Bring it on, woo. Thoughts on this potentially very exciting new potential opposition policy? It would assure them my vote, I must say
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    Kokoda Front Line! (1942) - Oscar winner

    YouTube - Kokoda - Front Line. Kokoda Front Line! (1942) Superb. An energetic newsreel on this nation's only genuine fight. The wagner was particularly well placed. I love this country and everything it stands for. I am v grateful for the sacrifice of our grandparents and theirs and...
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    Tim Fischer and XVI

    YouTube - Benedict XVI: The Church is committed to the growth of Australia Well done Australia
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    Saw this a while ago. Cant say I really liked it, though I assumed that I would. The whole thing builds up to the true event of Nixon's confession of wrong-doing and semi-apology to the American people during the Frost interview. But to me I felt that this was not sufficiently set up...
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    The Vatican is on YouTube

    YouTube - vatican's Channel Is this wrong??
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    Why McCain will lose

    Media bias Reverse racism Ageism Bushism +Palismn Economememememeism Cindy McCainism Nation of cowards proven inferior to the tougher peoples of middle east
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    The Bush Legacy

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    ABC foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd charged with drug trafficking and possession,23599,24041546-5007133,00.html Mandatory for criminals to be brutally thrashed Apparently this came soon after he told his wife and sons that he is homosexual. Poor guy, barbaric Singapore, but...
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    Best Political Youtube

    Post your favorite ncap related youtube vids. Include summary and time Short selection: -->Gilles Report: Il Dismissale (Opera of the dismissal) ~7mins -->Gilles Report: Casanoosa (Casablanca parody...
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    The IT Crowd

    Did anyone see this last night? Was it not the funniest thing since, like, half a decade!? I seriously havent laughed out loud at any new comedy for at least a few years. Last night changed that. Outstanding
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    World Youth Day 08 Wha'd'ya think? Who's going?
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    Love notes

    I dont do this enough - not nearly enough - but i'd like to express here, publicly, my personal affection for the BoS community. I guess i've been a regular for about 5yrs, and I feel that the site has been totally enriching. I owe people like Generator, Schro, UIC, Pwar, Waf, Moonlight...
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    Supporting Children after Separation Program,25197,23413138-5013871,00.html Good idea? I'm divided/seporated on the issue, being a divorce kid myself. I think that i'd be a lot less eccentric if I had a shrink explain why daddy hit mother all the time. But then i'd lose all my charm. I...
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    Is War Over?

    War - once so fantastic, it could offer ordinary men the world and its souls. It was a religion which we worshiped and honoured with sacrifices. But not anymore? Do a combination of factors, like WWI (futile loss of a generation) Nuclear Weapons (victory is defeat) and globalization mark the...
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    The GENIUS of Hugh Matkin's Youtube Political Satire Lateline interviewed him last week. He's a way cool 20-something law student with very excellent taste. Check out the existing stuff, but look out for more glory as the campaign progresses Outstanding.
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    Micallef's new program. News parody I think. SBS, starts Oct 10th I think. Should be fantastic!
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    I stumbled across The Ring cycle, and it's freaking consuming me. Similar plot to Lord of the Rings. Not opera Not classical Not really Nazi Fucking fantastic. Height of Western Civilisation. Any other Wagnerheads? If not, I encourage you to avoid him. he's my precious (etc)
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    Should Australia Develop Nuclear Weapons

    I’m not going to deeply get involved in this. Just a matter of opinion. We have the basic resources, and given a series of unfortunate Asian events, shouldn’t completely place our fate in American hands. The technology seems appropriate to our vulnerability. Also, Britain got away with it...