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  1. lazyandcool

    in simple words plz explain

    Benefits of using silicon solid state devices over conventional devices in terms of size Heat dissipation strength Expected Lifetime Damage due to transporting appliance voltage used
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    An easy question

    A force F acts between two masses separated by a distance d.if the masses are both doubled and separation is halved,the new force is ......? Can u explain in depth pls btw the answer is 16F but how.?
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    what story should i write about belonging

    it should be about like 750 words and not exceed than 1000 words.:redface:.also we have to use a A4 size journal as an evidence, As i am chinese and i came from non speaking background i have a very hard time doing this assignment.Any suggestion from experts in english or those receiving band 6...
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    how do i study for english?

    How do i study for english?.i have trials this term and i have no idea where do i i start from past papers.Btw my english is very poor and i came from non english speaking background:tongue:
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    Need Help with this questions bcuz i m poor in physics

    Dear Physicists i have a problem with this question The electric deflecting plates in a cathode ray tube are 15mm apart and have a potential difference of 1200 V across them.A beam of charged particles moving at 2 X 10^4 m/s travel through the plates undeflected.Calculate a) the electric...
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    How to achieve Band 6 in HSC ?

    How much effort do I need to put half yearly results Are Physics 82% (ranked 1st) Chemistry 91%(ranked 1st) Biology 82% ( ranked 2nd) 2 unit Maths ( ranked 1st) I only wanna know how much effort do I still need to put to get marks in every subjects around 90-100?
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    How to get band 6 in HSC?

    how much effort do i need to put up? My half yearly marks are Biology 82% (ranked 2nd) (became 2nd due to 1 mark :() Chemistry 91% (ranked 1st) Physics 82% (ranked 1st) 2 unit Mathematics 72% (ranked 1st) English (ranked 28th) (i am from non english background)
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    past question help

    Need help with Question 24 of 2010 Bio
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    HSC 2010 CHem

    Where do I get unofficial HSC answers for chemistry of year 2010
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    CHem acidic environment question

    A cleaning agent contains a weak base of general formula NAX,1.00g of this compound was dissolved in 100 ml of water . A 20 ml sample of the solution was Titrated with 0.1000 mol/L HCL and required 24.4 mL for neutralization.what is molar mass of this base?
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    Where do i get?

    where do i get past papers of 2010 2 unit mathematics HSC with answers?
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    motors and generators question

    what are effects of transformers on enviroment(not society)?.i searched everywhere i could not find any effect of transformer on enviroment
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    Physics Questions Need Help Please

    1) Explain how is it possible to step up voltage using a transformer 2) Explain how is it possible to step down voltage using a transformer
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    Physics question need help

    explain how a transformer must have input of AC and not DC while utillising principle of electromagnetic induction?
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    In to the World Essay Uploaded by xxMohan Baralxx :sun:

    In to the World Essay "The story of Tom Brenan poster "Animals in Workplace film "Candy"
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    physics question

    if mass of object(kg)=1.99 X 10^30 diameter(km)=1 392 530km what is the gravitational acceleration of this planet
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    Essay-Distinctly Visual uploaded by Mohan Baral

    Distinctly Visual Essay (Run lola run and death of a bird by AD Hope)
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    Need help with chemistry

    1) if one mole of calcium reacts how many moles of hydrogen will be formed? 2)Calculate the volume of the hydrogen formed at 25 degrees and 100k pA if 4.5g of calcium reacts with excess acid(1 mole of gas at 25 degrees and 100k Pa=24.79L)
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    Need help with physics :(

    1) The energy required to move 4 coulomb of charge through a 20 0hm resistor is 5 joules.What is potential difference across resistor? Which formula we should use??i m so confused:confused::confused:
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    Need help[

    7. Metal M forms a compound with the formula of M2O3. Which one of the following formula is correct? A) MCl3 B) MSO4 C) MOH D) M2CO3