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  1. nightweaver066

    CLEARANCE of HSC Material [Eng/Maths/Chem/Phys]

    Note that I am also selling top quality Chemistry notes which I used to obtain a HSC mark of 96 for only $10 Details on it: - Dot points highly used written in such a way that it is straight to the point. - Despite being straight to the point, they are highly detailed with a total of 85 pages. -...
  2. nightweaver066

    Free 2U/3U/4U Maths & Physics Past Papers

    I'm giving away a stack of 2U papers, a stack of 3U papers, a stack of 4U papers and a mini-stack of physics papers in an effort to declutter my room. The maths papers include assessment tasks (so like term 1 papers, half-yearlies, etc.), and some past papers have solutions (I didn't check...
  3. nightweaver066

    [Free] English Essays (Skrzynecki, Frankenrunner, Speeches & JC)

    Hey all :) I'm putting up all my English essays that I pretty much used in the HSC for you guys to use and hope you find it useful. I've probably edited these essays way too many times to count so there may be some slight errors with syntax but nothing that can't be easily fixed. My...
  4. nightweaver066

    nightweaver066's raw marks

    English Adv: Paper 1: Comprehension - 15/15 (=OOO!! To think that i almost failed my 1st reading task :') ) Creative - 9.5/15 (was expecting 6/15 so pleasantly surprised :) ) Essay (Skrzynecki) - 11/15 Paper 2: Frankenrunner - 17/20 Speeches - 17/20 Julius Caesar - 15/20 Total raw...
  5. nightweaver066

    Preferences & Offers questions

    1. Is the deadline midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow night? 2. If we accept an offer in the main round, would we still receive offers in the later rounds?
  6. nightweaver066

    Weird bug?

    Went on the BoS homepage and it had me logged in as someone else. When I went to the forums, it changed back to my username. Is there a security problem? :/
  7. nightweaver066

    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    Post them up and motivate yourself :) English Adv: 90 MX1: 98 MX2: 96 Chem: 96 Phys: 95
  8. nightweaver066

    Graph of induced EMF

    Question: A student measured the magnetic flux through a solenoid of 100 turns and entered data into a spreadsheet. Her data is graphed below: A good description of the potential difference generated in the solenoid would be: What i thought it was: A What the answer is: D I thought it was...
  9. nightweaver066

    ATAR Estimate-

    Ranks: English Advanced - 5/31 MX1 - 2/59 MX2 - 2/29 Chemistry - =1/64 Physics - 2/65 School rank has jumped quite a bit these past few years (jumping 100 ranks up and down lol), but on average is around 130-140. Is it possible i'll reach my aim? I think English is going to kill my ATAR.. Thanks
  10. nightweaver066

    2012 Independent Physics Paper

    Thoughts? I found it quite straightforward, nothing too tricky in it.
  11. nightweaver066

    P-N Junctions in Solar Cells

    Why is it that light has to hit the n-type semiconductor? Wouldn't that just promote electrons from the donor level to the conduction band so that there's a free electron but no hole? I thought light has to hit the depletion layer to promote an electron from the valence band to the conduction...
  12. nightweaver066

    No author of a related text?

    I've selected a news article as my related text however i can't find the author of the specific article. Would it be fine to make one up or could i just say written by the Sydney Morning Herald?
  13. nightweaver066

    Need private tutor for Physics - Quanta to Quarks

    Me and a few friends (total ~3 people) are looking for a private tutor for the physics option module, Quanta to Quarks. We've already completed ideas to implementations. We're in the Homebush/Strathfield area and would prefer to be tutored either at Strathfield library or another location...
  14. nightweaver066

    Series & Sequences (Loans)

    I keep getting the answer wrong whilst doing superannuation and loan type questions.. Could someone please read over my working out and help me out? Thanks Qn: Jan borrows $8000 and agrees to repay it in equal instalments each year for 10 years. If interest is charged at 7 percent per annum on...
  15. nightweaver066

    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    The HSC Chemistry Marathon is an open chain of questions between students. It works by answering a question then posting another question and allowing the cycle to repeat itself. Rules: - After answering a question, always provide a new one - this is what keeps the thread alive. - Allocate a...
  16. nightweaver066

    Distinguishing between gaseous alkanes & alkenes

    What is a procedure that you could perform in a laboratory to distinguish between a gaseous alkane & alkene? First thing that pops in to my mind is bromine water test however this is with gases.. Perhaps bubbling the gas through bromine water? Maybe adding chlorine gas to the gas and see if...
  17. nightweaver066

    HSC 2012 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Same thing as MX1 thread, just MX2 this time. Question: $A fifth degree polynomial, P(x), has a triple root at x = 0 and P(x) - 1 has a triple root at x = 1. Find P(x)$
  18. nightweaver066

    HSC 2012 MX1 Marathon #1 (archive)

    Let's get the ball rolling. :) Remember to post a question after solving one.
  19. nightweaver066

    Answering questions on polyethylene

    Say for these questions, Explain how the structure and properties of polyethylene and polystyrene relate to the way each is used Outline the chemical and physical processes involved in the production of a polyethylene bottle from a natural raw material how would i answer them in relation to...