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  1. Kittyrules

    Using an English Ext. 1 text for discovery

    I did this and got a band 5 in English adv, my worst subject so i was pretty happy. I actually used Frankenstein from my 3u! (yay romanticism) I dont know how much they marked me down for it, seeing as I didnt manage to finish other essays in paper 2...
  2. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    damnnn gonna be out camping then, have fun tho!
  3. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    yeee im going with a small group of friends to jervis bay, we're renting a house a block away from the beach for 5 days i got my p's, others are over 18, its gonna be great :D
  4. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    go out with friends (i went to sculpture by the sea today!) , watch tv shows, go to a museum, be crafty/musical/sporty or whatever your hobby ... :) im starting to paint again and am learning to use my camera properly and am thinking of film ideas :3 im applying for AFTRS im so scared
  5. Kittyrules

    Do internal ranks matter for English Extension 2?

    if two people got the same marks throughout the year, they can sit on the same rank. it depends on schools, but the way they show this can be different. you and the other girl might have gotten the same overall mark over the course and both ranked first, so maybe the school wrote it that you're...
  6. Kittyrules

    Techniques in the poem "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death"

    no worries, if you're having trouble to find exact quotes you can ask agian
  7. Kittyrules


    I do romanticism and honestly the creative was perfect and went with my prepared response, thank goodness! My creative is in a letter format, where it generally goes like 'yo bro, i picked up this story in my travels, read it [story] did you like it?'... so I just made it like keats was writing...
  8. Kittyrules

    Atar Estimate

    yeah honestly when i did IPT in order to seperate our ranks more they had to find our percentages to the 0.01 percents there can still be a really significant difference in the types of things people do and the marks people get between the lowest and highest rank at my school, but some ranks...
  9. Kittyrules

    Atar Estimate

    haha you know me in person and the skype group.. im not a sydney girl :P but thankyou ^3^
  10. Kittyrules

    Atar Estimate

    I already got an estimate from the school, but was curious what you guys think :) School rank - in the top 5 Eng Adv. Rank: 84/156 Mark: 83/100 Eng Ext. 1 Rank:68/89 (went down from being 18th T-T) Mark: 39/50 Eng Ext. 2 Rank:2/19 Mark: 49/50 Maths 2U Rank: 13/78 Mark...
  11. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    i wanna go on schoolies already ;-; (and move to germany sooner)
  12. Kittyrules

    Techniques in the poem "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death"

    there are so many techniques in this, what argument are you arguing? ill try name a few techniques and hopefully you can find the relevant quotes that they relate to -chiasmus -antithesis -iambic tetrameter 4 stanzas with 4 lines (perfect square of rhythm) -perfect rhyme -parallelism...
  13. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    thankyou but thats okay, i talked to my teacher extensively after i got the trials back :) it should be the unit that doesn't count, and looking at past questions is helping me remember what i gotta do congrats!!!!!
  14. Kittyrules

    LOTE thread get in here yo

    thanks, bruh :) german was alright. did you have a question in listening where it had two parts to it e.g 3 a) b) we had one, where one was multiple choice and then it came with an extra three marker. thought the three marker was part of the next listening :( so i missed writing down all the...
  15. Kittyrules

    Extension 2 internal marks

    i think OP means the marks you got on your final report i.e draft major work marks? and like final internal mark I got 49/50 and ranked 2nd :) 4u eng was the reason i did ext eng and my favourite subject apart from german. I spent a lot of my exchange time in Germany making my film <3
  16. Kittyrules

    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Romanticism: Bright Star, Coleridge, Frankenstein and relateds: legend of sleepy hollow and The Tyger
  17. Kittyrules

    Study Notes: More or Less?

    For some subjects what you do with the info is greatly varied, you might need to draw a diagram or to write out a bullet point list or write an answer to a 12 marker e.g IPT. For these subjects and info that would be used in this way it might be helpful and more useful just to know it WELL and...
  18. Kittyrules

    I'm panicking

    one of the girls in my class changed her FORM after we had handed in our draft major work for marking! so the school never even read the way she wrote in the form type that she submitted to hsc! it was a change from film to script, so there were similarities in it, she just turned her film idea...