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  1. Shadowdude

    UNSW O-Week Meat 2013

    (yes, 'meat' is spelled correctly - it's an inside joke) By popular demand (one person), us UNSW BoS-ers should meet up and do whatnot during O-Week. O-Week is a fun fun fun time, I contend that UNSW O-Week is the best you can find around these parts - and I think very few can genuinely...
  2. Shadowdude

    how do i use twitter

    so i got twitter today how do i use
  3. Shadowdude

    English Essay

    In An Essay on Criticism, Pope presents his views about literary criticism, but unlike Addison and Johnson, he does so in the form of poetry. What does he gain and what does he lose by doing it in this way?
  4. Shadowdude

    Sequences Question

    So I'm doing some power solutions to DEs and I get expressions like this: u(z) = A_{0} \left ( 1 - \frac{1}{2}z^{2} + \frac{1}{8}z^{4} - \frac{1}{48}z^{6} + ... \right ) + A_{1} \left (z - \frac{1}{3}z^{3} + \frac{1}{15}z^{5} - \frac{1}{105}z^{7} + ... \right ) with A_{0} = A_{1} = 1 given...
  5. Shadowdude

    The University of New South Wales Open Day - Saturday, 1 September

    From 9am to 4pm. Thankfully this year, Open Day is not on the same day as other uni's (or maybe I'm imagining things). Anyways, UNSW is holding an open day mostly for HSC students but really for anyone who wants to take a look around and see what's going on at UNSW - and of course, get them...
  6. Shadowdude

    Random L&R Story thread

    okay guys STORY TIME! So I got in early to my tute and I sat down. Then the hottest girl in the class came in, and sat in my row - so the row looked like this: (spare seats...) - hottest girl - blonde girl - (spare seat) - brunette girl - me Now, the guy who's trying to get in there with...
  7. Shadowdude

    Discussion: On girls that approach you at the train station... (Part II)

    Prerequisite reading: So, the fallout continues - and I was talking to a few people about it, and one of them gave this response - which I have nicely typed up for you all: Personally, I think 2 is bullcrap because... yeah. And...
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    Discussion: On girls that approach you at the train station...

    So, story time: I was super pissed off I was going to be late to class because the fricking bus got to the bus stop 5 minutes early. Which means I was going to miss my train. But as I was waiting on the platform, two girls - one blonde, another brunette (who was wearing quite a low cut top...
  9. Shadowdude

    Eurovision 2012.

    In two weeks guys. The time has come again! So, what do we think?
  10. Shadowdude

    Question on Prime Numbers

    So I have to prove that q(n) = 11n^2 + 32n is prime for only two integer values of n, and composite for all others. My working is: q(n) = n(11n+32) And then n = +/- 1 or 11n+32 = +/- 1. Solve for n and work out q(n) in the cases. The case for why n or 11n+32 must be 1 is easy enough...
  11. Shadowdude

    I just solved this. Can you? (MX2 students should have a go)

    And I'm feeling quite happy about it because... it was long and arduous. It's not that hard in hindsight, I figure most HSC Extension 2 Maths students would be able to do it - I think it'd a pretty good test of their integration mastery. I don't think there's anything abstractly difficult in...
  12. Shadowdude

    Wrestlemania 28!

    So, anyone gonna watch it on PPV on Monday? It'll be on April 2 here, and at 9am. So... I have to go uni that day so I'll watch it on tape delay when I get home. Also, it's cheaper this year I think - I've watched all the Wrestlemanias since Wrestlemania 23, and umm... yeah, it's $35 now...
  13. Shadowdude

    How to be 'sexually viable'

    So anyway I was chatting to a friend and I asked him how I should ask a girl out - because... I've been pondering about it for a while. And then he's like "Show you're sexually viable" And then he had to go home. And then this was me afterward: so umm... yeah no idea edit: so if anyone...
  14. Shadowdude

    TV Show Music?

    So when watching TV, have they played a song that you would listen to, and then go "Damn, that's a great song''? I'm not talking about stuff like "Hey they're playing this song that I've heard before on the radio!", I'm talking about when the composers of the show make entirely new or mostly...
  15. Shadowdude

    TV Week Logie Awards!

    So I always vote - because... well, it's something to do. cue wall of text about my voting: So... I voted for Jay Laga'aia for Most Popular Actor (I believe he hosts Play School?) and then I voted for Cornelia Frances for Most Popular Actress, because... of her work on The Weakest Link (not...
  16. Shadowdude

    What TV shows can you absolutely not miss?

    Including those who are like "lol tv, just stream shows from the net" (so hear me out), what TV shows can you absolutely not miss? So for those with Foxtel or TV, what TV shows do you automatically record all the time or put on Series Link? For those who stream stuff online, what shows do you...
  17. Shadowdude

    Shadowdude's EX2 Major Work

    Because the 2010 Showcase has disappeared off the face of the Earth and I've always gotten some requests from people to read what I wrote, I'm making this thread as a permanent 'home' for it so I can direct people to it instead of replying "Oh sorry, yeah it got deleted off the forums". A...
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    It is my 'great' discovery of 2011. Fantastic show. You know you're hooked when you get this: And it's awesome, and it's a far cry - a welcome far cry - from some cartoons today that try to be "realistic", which has been seen most prominently with this new Tin Tin movie... with their...
  19. Shadowdude

    So I was watching some K-Pop on SBS Pop Asia...

    ...and I was flicking through and they had this song, "I am the Best" by 2NE1. Linky: j7_lSP8Vc3o So I'm sorta watching... and what do I see? The WWE Championship. i thought to myself: "nice."
  20. Shadowdude

    UNSW Info Day Meat-Up UNSW Info Day Wednesday, January 4, 2012 9am - 4pm Kensington Campus It's just over a week away now, so I was wondering which of you 11-ers and anyone else would want to come to a make-shift UNSW Info Day meat-up. Essentially, what'll...