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  1. Kittyrules

    Atar Estimate

    I already got an estimate from the school, but was curious what you guys think :) School rank - in the top 5 Eng Adv. Rank: 84/156 Mark: 83/100 Eng Ext. 1 Rank:68/89 (went down from being 18th T-T) Mark: 39/50 Eng Ext. 2 Rank:2/19 Mark: 49/50 Maths 2U Rank: 13/78 Mark...
  2. Kittyrules

    Anyone doing this course?

    Hey, I'm interested in doing the Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) at UNSW next year, and would love to hear some first hand experience if anyone does it :) that would be very helpful in trying to choose a degree. Thanks
  3. Kittyrules

    Extension 2 English File Types

    Hello, So the date is coming closer to handing in the extension 2 projects. I'm making a film and on the support sheet BOSTES says "The video must be submitted as a digital file in the format advised annually by the BOSTES." I have searched through the internet and can't seem to find what it...
  4. Kittyrules

    !!!Trial Papers!!!

    Hello! Does anyone know where i can get/swap Trial Papers for German Continuers and Extension? My school has none because we barely ever have a class, and German extension ones older than a few years are based off a different syllabus >_< Any help would be appreciated! Danke
  5. Kittyrules

    Scaling?? to such an extent?!

    Hey guys, so i am a bit very confused at this. Sorry if there have been threads like this before and i dont know if its in the right section. sorry about the big intro thing too ahh I was choosing subjects for year 12 next year where i was hoping to do 4 eng 3 math 3 german and have 2...
  6. Kittyrules

    Year 12 Subject Selection???

    Hey, so right now im in year 11. Below are my subjects im currently doing and approximately where i rank (but not sure, because we dont get ranks in yr 11 at my school), 3u maths - 50-60/150??? Adv English - 30~/160??? Ext English - 10~/80??? German - 1/6 :D SDD - 1/4 Phys - 15~/60?? and i...
  7. Kittyrules

    What type of licence do you have?

    Hey guys! Im taking my drivers knowledge test on monday and hopefully i can pass and get my L's, so im really excited about driving! What sort of licence do you have right now, and if you have any funny/scary/idk stories from driving or taking the tests, i would love to know :P
  8. Kittyrules


    Hi guys, Im getting quite confused about EBNF and railroad diagrams and how they define data structures. So I understand that EBNF is a meta-language that describes the syntax of other languages and that: = means defined as <> is put around non terminal indicators {} is for repetition...
  9. Kittyrules

    REP ~ please answer!! Christianity survey!!

    Hi guys, Im posting for my friend who does Society and Culture - she would love it if you guys could do her survey! its directed towards christians. she says sorry that some of the questions are quite blunt, and possibly offensive, however she...
  10. Kittyrules

    Good Application Letter?

    Hi there, i didn't know where to post this so sorry its in the wrong section (especially seeing as its in uni section lol). Basically, I am applying for yet another german exchange trip scholarship, and it requires a short application letter - like 200 words-ish. The thing is, this...
  11. Kittyrules

    Level of Proficiency in German Continuers?

    Hey guys, I dont know if any of you are doing German Continuers this year (if so, then inbox me! ich würde mit dir gerne chatten!:)), but I was wondering what the final level of proficiency of the language would be by the end of the course? The Goethe Insitut has these levels like...
  12. Kittyrules

    Free REP~ Memes, Online Culture and Identity Questionnaire

    Hey guys! Im posting this here for a friend who is doing year 12 society and culture this year, and she really needs some more responses to her questionnaire! As it says, ill send out rep to those who complete it... just reply to the thread or pm me :P and i hope that is enough incentive to not...
  13. Kittyrules

    Best textbooks to buy?

    Hi guys! Im starting year 11 next year and i wanted to get some textbooks now while year 12s and 11s are selling second hand so i dont have to pay so much later. I was wondering what the best book brands are or whether there are specific books that you recommend for my subjects: Maths 2U &...
  14. Kittyrules

    Need ideas for Sound Effects for movie intro

    Hey so I made a movie with one of those studio intro things just recently, the thing is i need some sound effects to go along with it. Could you please watch it, its like 5 seconds, and if you have any ideas then that would be great! i didnt know where to post this thread, but i guess its...