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    Effect of EAS and SEAS on interview prospects for Monash and UNSW

    Hey :) I didn't do too well in my UMAt (mid 80s) but I got EAS (for NSW) and SEAS (for Victoria) bonus points due to financial disadvantage. Does this mean these points will automatically be added to my ATAR (99.65) when universities rank me for interviews? For example, UNSW second round...
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    Monash Access Ambassador

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any Monash students could shed more light on what it means to be a Monash Access Ambassador? If someone is chosen to be an Ambassador, does it affect their likelihood of getting into the degree they desire at Monash University? Also, how many ambassadors are...
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    [B] Second Round Interview for Med [/B]

    helloooo :tongue2: I was just wondering which Australian universities give out 2nd round interviews? And what are the conditions with which the interview offers are based on? i.e. UADEL Med - 2nd round interviews based on UMAT:ATAR in a 1:2 ratio UWS Med - 2nd round interviews...