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  1. Flop21

    [SELLING] Biology HSC Flashcards

    Here is the link to buy them ($13) These are to be used with the flash card program 'Anki' (the description in the link above explains it). Use these to memorise the content. I think they're pretty good and worth the money. Way too many hours were spent making them, so don't waste your time...
  2. Flop21

    First year chem help

    This thread is for asking help in regards to any first year chem.
  3. Flop21

    First Year Mathematics A (Differentiation & Linear Algebra)

    Is there a thread for math help for 1131 (or other first year math equivalent) on here? If not, this thread will be for posting (uni math) questions to get help for.
  4. Flop21

    Industrial Technology (Multi) Exam Guide

    First off, let's outline what your mark is constructed of: - Internal Assessments (make up your internal mark) - Major Project (60% of your external mark) - HSC Examination (40% of your external mark) - 40 marks - 1.5 hours Section 1 (Multiple Choice) - 10 marks Section 2...
  5. Flop21

    My Guide to HSC Biology

    Number one main tip: you need to know your content. From page 36, the relevant syllabus starts. You have 3 main topics: Maintaining a Balance, Blueprint of Life, and The Search for Better Health. You also have an...
  6. Flop21

    DPI to file size question - pls help

    "An image scanned at 600 dpi has an image size of 16 MB. What would be the expected file size if it was rescanned at 300 dpi?" I thought I could just go, x/300 = 16/600, thus x = 8 MB. But that's wrong. The answer is 4 MB... but how? This is an industrial technology multimedia...
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    Is the work / assessments harder at a top university?

    Okay, so at a top university (e.g. the top uni for a particular degree/field) are assessments harder? I would imagine the standard to be much higher than of a lower regarded uni. Purely because you have uni A with a 90+ ATAR requirement, hence all kids in the course have received a 90+ ATAR...
  8. Flop21

    How to Memorise an Essay - Guide

    Hi guys, so this is a guide on my method on remembering essays word for word. This may not work for everyone. So far the highest word count I've remembered is an 1,200+ word essay. Method: Set up your document: - Put your essay into a new word document, and put each sentence on its own...