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    Please answer my questionnaire :))

    Hi! I just completed your survey. I haven't really thought about it much before, but it is definitely an interesting topic. Good luck!
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    This changes everything! any alternatives of this for biology?

    I like learning from flashcard apps like Quizlet and Anki. I'm not sure if Quizlet has a HSC biology but I use it because it has a QCAA one (I'm from Queensland). Anki is really good because it uses spaced repetition to learn, but this app requires you to put in your own flashcards which may be...
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    sample essay questions

    Hi jkjkjk, I am currently a year 12 student who completed year 11 last year. I am from QLD and I think the syllabus texts are different. We studied Animal Farm (George Orwell) and To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee) throughout units 1 and 2. Do you know what texts you will be studying? Our essay...
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    Possibility of 92+ without notes

    Hi AKONS, I don't study economics, but personally I wouldn't use this approach considering you are aiming for a high study score. I can understand this technique to refer to another individual's notes because it would definitely save a lot of time not doing note taking from the textbook, but if...
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    didn’t get 1st in my best subject, how do I keep going?

    Hi Akuri, I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time at the moment, but as cliche as it sounds, don't give up because one day, all your effort and hard work will pay off! I can completely understand where you're coming from, its definitely not a useless thing to talk about. Sometimes...
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    Physical or digital note taking?

    Hi calico_, I actually prefer doing the opposite to what some people have mentioned. If you're a fast typist, taking digital notes in class is great because usually you'll get down all the content, even if it is random and just on a page. Then, in the evening to consolidate my knowledge, I...
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    Bachelor of Economic

    Are we talking about the RBA, as in the Reserve Bank of Australia? It suits the context here I guess. The meaning is there either way. It is actually so pointless what this discussion is even about. It's a typo, chill. It's not a life threatening situation endangering all life on Earth. We...
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    Bachelor of Economic

    I did have look and saw that, so 91 is guaranteed, but does the uni have a set requirement?
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    Bachelor of Economic

    I'm from QLD, so I'm a bit unaware of USYD. Have you looked at the entry requirements? I know NSW universities are different to QLD and could be more competitive.
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    Sport Medicine Assessment Help

    This question is worded a bit weirdly. I don't do this subject, but I'm guessing it is asking to evaluate how effective each head injury assessment is promoting safety. For example, a comprehensive pre and post incident procedure would ensure that the head injury is managed in a safe and...
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    what should i do over the holidays?

    Hi Purplxe, I'm in a similar situation and considering holiday study to go into year 12 prepared. In QLD, its a bit different, but I have borrowed the yr 12 textbooks and have started reading these. Also, we are studying OFOTCN for unit 3. Your plan sounds good for English, Maths, Business and...
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    Double Degree Question

    Hi Husky, I guess its all about what you are looking for in the future and where you want to end up in life. If you believe doing the integrated program/5 year course will be beneficial, then go for that. However, if you want to begin with the four year degree then do the masters program later...
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    validation post for me and those people in the same boat as me who have given up on year 11 and prelims

    Sleep deprivation is no joke! Even though you're up at this "questionable time", as students we need our sleep. In psychology, we study sleep and the effect of sleep deprivation. Just wondering, how many hours does everyone get on average?
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    Scientific report ? especially for bio

    Hi, Sorry I only just discovered the thread. Is it too late or do you still require a scientific report. I'm a QLD student, so it could be helpful, but maybe not.
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    hows everyones holidays

    Hi, Just about to go on holidays in QLD. I think I'll take a break for a bit but then get back into the study for year 12.
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    validation post for me and those people in the same boat as me who have given up on year 11 and prelims

    Haha all good, what time zone are you from? Sounds like a pretty stressful time. I had a data test for bio, chem and psych this week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Only 1 hour each though, wasn't too bad. What English subject are you studying? In QLD, there's general English and essential English.
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    validation post for me and those people in the same boat as me who have given up on year 11 and prelims

    Wait, who are you saying sorry to? It's all good! Just wondering about everyone else
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    Yeah, that's a bit of a hard question. I'm not too sure, I would definitely ask the specific uni you would like to go to or maybe ask a careers advisor at your school if you have one. Good luck!
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    validation post for me and those people in the same boat as me who have given up on year 11 and prelims

    It's not even 11 yet. I just finished unit 3 assessment item 1 exams in QLD. What about everyone else??
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    estimate atar?

    I'm sorry you're feeling stressed, just try and relax as much as you can while doing the HSC! I've seen some peoples' suggestions. I'm not too sure, it might be different in QLD. Have you looked at this ATAR calculator website? You can select what state you are from...