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  1. Bunny04

    CELLISTS Unite! (fine then.. Stringers unite.)

    Okay, there's one for Saxamaphones, Drummers, Trumpets - but no strings. ABOUT time there was one for cellists and genral stringers. Hmm.. I know there's a few of you out there, SOOOO come here and tell us what you're playing and what you're doing with your musical 'life'. Hehe.
  2. Bunny04


    Oh come on, there is not enough in here about Swimming... (or anywhere for that matter) Sooo ... any swimmers here? ? ? ( *ish swimmer* ) Discuss Meet Results... Local and World Swimming Champs/cup Aussie Dolphin teams... anything realted to swimming... man... australia.. *shakes...
  3. Bunny04

    Major Project... when and what - ^_^

    Heya guys, just curious...(and helping out some friends) what did you all have to do for your major project...and when / what time of year did you do yours ? ? ? - was it a huge percentage of your HSC mark - if so, what percentage (if you can remember tee hee ) and also - was it...
  4. Bunny04

    Con, 1st year (week 1) ^^;;

    important note : Uni does start this week, not next week! ^^;; Who else is really confused about this first week let alone first day, chamber music is buggered, and everything else seems to be aswell.. gah ^^
  5. Bunny04

    WHO is at O-day at the con... now ^ ^ (1st YEARS)

    *blinks* Darn the 10 char limit
  6. Bunny04

    DONNIE DARKO -- Reviews and Discussion

    DONNIE DARKO--- Disscussion Wow, i just finished watching Donnie Darko (the Directors Cut) and ..... *blinks* ok.... i wont go into much, just incase you haven't seen it... BUT have you seen it, would you like to see it..... what do you think of this cult movie..... Some say its...
  7. Bunny04

    movie: LADDER 49

    Ok... Just came back from this movie... wanting to hear other peoples opinions on it.... DId You like it , Did you hate it... Do you wan't to see it? and Why.. :uhhuh:
  8. Bunny04

    SWIMMING- The Best, Thorpe, Hackett Hoogenbavnd or Spitz (still)

    SWIMMING- The Best, FREESTYLE and OVERAL Thorpe, Hackett Hoogenbavnd or Spitz (still) Ok, who would you claim the worlds 'Best' Overall swimmer... Hackett, for 1500 the hardest race of all, endurance, and beating his own world record by an entire 11 secs, in 2000. Phelps, the best Medly and...
  9. Bunny04

    One Debate: SBS Radio TV Orchestra or SYO..(or SYOA)?

    QUestion, to all those who know of SBS youth Orchestra.. YAY!!! :D and those who play/ have played in Sydney Youth Orchestra, or any other of the SYOA Groups, Including Syd Youth Phil * Lol * ~Just a brief arguement between a friend and mine about which one is considered more musically...
  10. Bunny04

    Result Nightmares, every night... but the thing is WeRE FINISHED

    Strange isnt it... its done and we cant really do anythign about it, but the continuous nightmares keep hitting me... like the 50 UAI and failing every HSC subject Exam.. Anyone else have this * Continues to bite nails*
  11. Bunny04

    1 Unit Subjects.. Help

    Anyone doing a One unit subject ( like Extension ) I have 11 Units, 5 2 Units and Music Extension. If you flunk an exam, but do well in assessment, does that one unit, cover up the Failed exams?