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    Has anyone got their Wii modded?

    First of all i never knew it wasn't illegal to get your console modded, so if anyone says this thread isn't appropriate, shut it. Anyways, i've been thinking of getting my Wii modded, has anyone heard of before? I heard some friends say it's reliable, just wanted other...
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    Hey everyone

    how's everyone been? Anyways just wanted to say hi.
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    MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA Leaked

    Well it's leaked and i got it, it's so sweet, check out the screenshot:
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    Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 Goes RTM, Build 3646

    Microsoft's Windows Media Player Version 10, has gone RTM, with a build number of 3646, will be made officially downloadable from their Windows Media website tommorow, however for you keen people here is a link to it: here's a screenshot of it:
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    Happy Birthday to our Moderator sunny

    Hey happy birthday dude, hope you have a good one! :D
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    Does a relationship really require sex?

    As the title says, does it? Makes me wonder... it appears that in a general relationship, it's all good in the beginning, etc... then it looks like it gets very boring and dull, and normally people are dieing for something new and fresh for fun... and then once they get over sex as well... where...
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    Anyone do Marketing?

    Hey does anyone do marketing here?, I'm considering choosing it as one of my subjects. :D
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    Would u rather someone tell u the truth or lie?

    So does everyone like hearing the truth from someone or you'd rather them lie, and not hear about it.
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    Read this, if paying for tutoring is an issue for you.

    If any Year 12/11 kids, are in the situation of struggling in subjects, and aren't financially sound to pay for tutoring service, Sydney University's Union provides a free Tutoring service, some may have known already, however the following schools: -Sydney Secondary Colleges – Black Wattle...
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    So which SOFT students are in the comp?

    So who SOFT 1001/1901 studnets are in the competition for next tuesday? :)...just wanna see who ill be seeing
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    Windows Media Player 10 Public BETA Preview

    Microsoft has just officially released the Windows Media Player 10 public preview, which you can download at the following link: and also a screenshot is available. Courtesy of Neowin. Download Link...
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    Microsoft Windows Longhorn WinHEC Build 4074 Preview 2

    Well, WinHEC is here, and we are enlightened with a new build of longhorn this build is extremely promising however DCE is still disabled in this build, but a workaround in enabling it is available, also DCE is now renamed to DWM. Screenshots of a an installed copy on machine:
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    WMP 10 Pre-BETA

    So what do you guys think of the early BETA stages of WMP 10? I think it's quite promising :)
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    MSN Messenger 6.2 Released

    Not much updates, Animated Display Picture was pulled out from this release. Very minor cosmetic updates. MSN Plus users would also require an update: MSN Messenger 6.2: MSN Plus Minor Update for 6.2 Compatibility...
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    Mid-sem exams, do we have any?

    lol is it just me or does usyd not have mid-semester exams? i was just wondering that's all.
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    WTF do i go to tommorow?

    Hmmm so i go to my lectures yea?... and do i go to my Labs, Semimars, and Tuts? :S
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    Thank Yous all!

    I am leaving BOS now, and thanks everyone for making my time here enjoyable, good luck all with future studies, and have a great life :)... bye.
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    Resigning from my Moderator Position.

    Hello to all fellow members, just wanna say, a big thanks to all of you for being a great bunch at times with your questions etc... and abiding by the rules, my time is up, due to some reasons with members i have decided this place isn't for me anymore, but don't worry we have alot of IT guru...
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    All you want to know about the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

    Educational Access Scheme (EAS) I'd like to make a point that the EAS doesn't add any points to your published UAI, so recieving a UAI of 70 does not mean your published UAI will be 75, that's not how the EAS system works. So first thing is first, the following listed Universities, all...
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    Your Personal Feedback on SAM

    Well, what do you all think of it? I think it's a fantastic piece of work, and yous all better thank Lazarus for it, it took him alot of time and effort, and i personaly think for your 2004 students you are in luck, with this excellent tool by yourside, better than us previous years :p... Welps...