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    help on my assessment task

    My task says the following "The year is 1980.You are a marketing adviser for the company SEMCON.This is a company responsible for the application of semiconductors Your manager has told you that you are responsible for marketing the semiconductor silicon and its doping agents to...
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    ideas to implementation

    When the teacher taught about cathode ray oscilloscope and how a television tube operates i didnt actually understand a bit of the word he said.i checked out youtube but those videos were boring and difficult:sleep:.i jus need to know basic principles of CRO and television tube.Anyhelp would be...
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    Physics Question

    what is importance of using step up and step down transformers during transmission of electricity?
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    Transformer Question

    1) what is bebefit of constructing a transformer using insulation laminates between iron plates of its core?
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    How to study for half yearly Mathematics 3 unit

    Should I do more past papers or teachers note for good marks.last time I failed in Maths and got very poor marks .
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    need help with bio :L

    1) For drawing a scientific graph ,e.g to show changes with time in measured abiotic data write a checklist you need to follow to make sure your graph is correct and contains all necessary components 2) The following notes were made by a preliminary biology student as he collected datA about...
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    Need help with some few chemistry questions

    :confused: 1) what is impact of potassium in society:confused:? 2) An alloy:jedi: of potassium and its use Thanks in advance :ninja:
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    Need help with bio question

    1A student wishes to investigate the effect of air temperature on the rate of transpiration. She sets up a leafy shoot in water , sets up an artificial light source, and records the rate at which the water level drops for a range of different air temperatures. Which one of the following...
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    i need help with these chemistry questions .i cant do its so hard

    :uhoh: 1) In the Periodic Table: (A) Ionisation energy decreases from left to right. (B) Melting points increase going up a group. (C) Atomic radius increases across a Period. (D) Electronegativity is higher for Cl than for Na. 2) Some metals were the first elements discovered...