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  1. MrInoeverthin

    Is this possible?

    Hey guys, I attend UWS and I'm currently studying Bachelor of Information and Communication Tech. I'm beginning to notice how my interest for this course has dropped drastically over the weeks. I'm considering transferring to Mac uni, because I've received an early offer from them to...
  2. MrInoeverthin

    Clash of Clans!

    All the lurkers out there, this is for you! Whoever plays clash should post in this thread, right here, right now. If this thread is successful, we should make a clan and become - BoS ~Master Race~
  3. MrInoeverthin

    Good luck to our historians!

    Good luck guys with today. Hope we're all ready (are we?) and lets smash out this exam! Wish you all the best, and enter with a :cry:, then leave with a :cool: face shall we!
  4. MrInoeverthin

    Who's ready for tomorrow?

    As the title states ^ Who's ready for the Engineering Exam tomorrow and how are you studying for it?