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  1. Dragonmaster262

    Is anyone confident that they will perform well in the UMAT?

    I'm not; is there anyone who is?
  2. Dragonmaster262

    Big Words in English

    Is it necessary to use these to achieve high marks? My teacher keeps telling us to use simple language because most of the time we won't be able to control our language if we use sophisticated words.
  3. Dragonmaster262

    Free UMAT Paper

    New UMAT Free Full Length Paper | UMAT Australia 2010 Think it's reliable?
  4. Dragonmaster262

    Studying for Question 7/8 type Problems

    Anybody got any tips for this?
  5. Dragonmaster262

    Free Hamlet Essays written by critics

    Can anybody link me to sites where I can view these?
  6. Dragonmaster262

    How do you slef-motivate yourself when everyone around you is bludging?

    Assume you're in a school where everyone is lazy and never studies. Ok how do you study at school when nobody does their work. How do you work hard when there is no motivation around you at all? If you're like the only kid aiming for 90+ and most other kids are only aiming for a pass how do you...
  7. Dragonmaster262

    Am I idadvantaged for Medicine at my school?

    The thing is that my Careers advisor knows little or nothing about algining. He has no idea how epicly 4 unit Maths aligns. Th thing is for UNSW interviews you need a high predicted ATAR (probably 99+). I'm worried that my estimate won't be that high because the career adviser might refuse to...
  8. Dragonmaster262

    Should I give up on my firend?

    Ok here's the deal my friend is a bright but extremely lazy guy. He does the same subjects as me except he does 3 Unit not 4 Unit. For the past 2 years he's been bludging like hell and has been failing or barley passsing almost all of his assessment tasks without even caring. His parents and...
  9. Dragonmaster262

    My stupid computer keeps freezing! How do I prevent this?

    Well I've tried to install all the drivers. Thing is that my computer freezes when it's doing a lot of things at once e.g. has 5 things minimised on it. I do give it regular breaks after a couple of hours but it still happens. My firend's computers run fine and they use them for vast hours. Can...
  10. Dragonmaster262

    Did anybody else's school make the worng decision about the trials?

    My school has moved are trials from the middle of Term 3 to the end of Term 2. This is a pretty stupid decision because obviously we won't have the syllabus covered by the end of Term 2. Did anybody else's school make the same decision?
  11. Dragonmaster262

    In need of a UMAT tutor in Western Sydney

    Yeah well I'm the only kid in my school who's aiming for Medicine and I really need help with tackling some of the questions of the UMAT within the time constraints. It would really help if I had a tutor so I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to offer. Prices are negotiable. PM me if...
  12. Dragonmaster262

    Cheapest Place to get your computer built

    Any recommendations?
  13. Dragonmaster262

    Help with modelling a transformer

    Ok well we were carrying out this experiment in class and we were all using different designs. Student A designed the transformer as depicted in the first picture and Student B designed the transformer as depicted in the second one. The thing is that the bulb in the first pic did not light up...
  14. Dragonmaster262

    Can somebody please give me the 07-09 CSSA 2 Unit Maths Papers?

    Can anybody give me these? I'm doing 4 Unit but there are certain topics which are barely tested in 3/4 Unit (such as Series Applications). PM me if you're willing to help.
  15. Dragonmaster262

    Are the Wesley Conference HSC English Advanced Lectures good?

    My school is planning on going there but the price is a bit of a rip off in my opinion ($46). Can any past HSC student inform me of how good these lectures are?
  16. Dragonmaster262

    Do the teachers in your school understnad the HSC system?

    Do the teachers in your school know about the processes used in the HSC (aligning, scaling and moderating)? I'm just wondering because the teachers in my school have very awkward interpretations of the system. There's a teacher who thinks that they get to see your raw mark. There's another one...
  17. Dragonmaster262

    Is 2 GHz neccessary to play any PC game nowadays?

    Ok here's the deal I'm planning on getting a new computer. I don't know and can't be bothered learning how to build one. My lazy friend told me he'll do it for me and tell me all the parts I need but he keeps procrastinating. I'm planning on just buying a normal computer from Dicksmith/ Tandys...
  18. Dragonmaster262

    the difference between 'Asess' and 'Evaluate'?

    So in the context of the sciences, what is the difference between the two verbs?
  19. Dragonmaster262

    Probability Help

    I'll rep anyone who can solve these for me. 1) A group consisting of 3 men and 6 women attends a prizegiving ceremony. i. If the members of the group sit down at random in a straight line, find the probability that the three men sit next to each other. ii. If 5 prizes are awarded at random to...
  20. Dragonmaster262

    A current long lasting PC game

    Yeah I'm looking for one which hopefully has a good plot (preferably an RPG or RTS). Any recommendations?