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  1. hermand

    JMP GPA and DNF grades

    Hey guys, So I called UoN the other day and asked if a 4.1 GPA would be sufficient for a completed degree JMP entry and I was told it should be fine (I have an average mark of 63 and hence why USyd doesn't use GPA - a lot of 64s that only count as 4 not 5, ack). I have a BSci from USyd...
  2. hermand

    transferring and grade averages.

    i'm looking to transfer into BPharm next year, and i'm currently in first year BSc. my atar was high enough for pharmacy but i didn't do the stat test and therefore couldn't apply. the pharmacy dept has said i need a credit-distinction average and my marks are around that (raw) for adv maths and...
  3. hermand

    computational science

    quick question, i use mac computers, will i be disadvantaged because of software incompatibilities in COSC 1901 & 1902? i'm assuming you can learn everything you need while in lectures and practicals, but will i need software on my home computer to understand it better?
  4. hermand


    sorry if there's an answer here somewhere, couldn't find one, but when do we get our timetables? first day? or enrolment day? if you want to change due to clashes with other activities, how do you do it and when by? thanks.
  5. hermand

    changing shoe colour.

    hey, i have a pair of bronze(ish) synthetic peep toe heels, and i need a pair of silver shoes for my formal (thursday) and i never wear these things cause they don't go with any clothes i have, so i was wondering if anyone's changed the colour of synthetic shoes and what was the best way that...
  6. hermand

    post hsc.

    so, with the hsc drawing to a close for so many of us, what are your plans for earning money in the holidays between now and uni? (or just after hsc if you have a long term plan or aren't going to go to uni) for me, i'm going to try and get a part time job in retail, the only problem is that...
  7. hermand


    so, i need to do an epic cram of chem in the next two days, what's the best way to do so? i have about four past papers, an excel book, and my textbook (not many notes - i neglected almost everything over the year). i know acidic environment well, but as for the rest of them, i have no idea...
  8. hermand

    frenchy frenchy french.

    how did everyone find it? my three day exam run on extreme lack of sleep really screwed me over. hoping for around 90 now, which sucks because i was hoping for 96-97.
  9. hermand

    alignment of languages.

    hey, i can't find any data of raw marks for languages, so what would people's estimates be for the raw mark required to get 95 in a language, namely french? thanks.
  10. hermand


    so, you know how you have to do poetry, shakespeare, prose and non-fiction (i think those are the categories - but it's not the point) and how paper one and two are separate? one of my friends wants to do poetry as one of her modules but also does it as her aos. do the papers get checked or...
  11. hermand

    christianity in the media.

    does anyone else find it disturbing that there are now tv ads for jesus? i find it unsettling, it seems to insinuate that the church these days is just a corporation, and i don't understand what's with the ads? do they think they'll convert people by saying how sunburn is crap, but jesus has...
  12. hermand

    studying the day before.

    so, i let my dance teacher know the other day that i wouldn't be able to come to dancing for two weeks and she got stressed out, saying that she would really like me to come, even if i only come to jazz one week and contemporary the other (~1hr each). the only problem is that they're the night...
  13. hermand

    marking creative writing stories..

    so, i was thinking the other day, and if your creative writing is about a sensitive issue that the marker has experienced, are they allowed to mark it? eg. you write a story about losing a child and the marker has lost a child, are they able to objectively mark the story?
  14. hermand

    choosing an elective.

    hey, someone posted the other day that your teachers have to let the board know which elective you do, therefore you can't just choose an elective that you want to teach yourself and do one that is different to the rest of your cohort. i'm pretty sure that each exam paper has every...
  15. hermand

    formal dress.

    okay, i'm desperately in love with this dress and it's nowhere to be found, and i found one place that has it and has my size, but found out that its 600-700$. which is not cool because it retails for 300$ american, and i can't order it online because nowhere has blue in stock! so, i think...
  16. hermand

    essay questions.

    hey guys, at the moment i'm having trouble as to how to answer these questions on modules b and c. Conflicting Perspectives; You are speaking to an audience of your peers. Compose a speech in which you demonstrate how your understanding of conflicting perspectives is shaped by the construction...
  17. hermand

    au pairing.

    has anyone here been an au pair before? i'm looking to maybe be an au pair in france for about six months [ish] next year, and was looking at websites and wondering if anyone had any advice as to what websites are good, what to look for, what it's like being an au pair, etc. i speak french...
  18. hermand

    just not caring.

    so, got my trial results back and stuff the other day, went crap because i didn't deal with the pressure at all, but also posing the question to myself that maybe i'm not as intelligent as everyone seems to think i am, which isn't the point of this post, but an interesting thought, because of...
  19. hermand

    effect of internal ranks.

    okay, so today i stuffed up my mx1 trial pretty badly, started crying in the middle of it and everything, was wonderful. anyway, i was just wondering, if you go pretty crappily throughout the year [this is just mx1 by the way, i think i've done o..kay in my others] how much does it really...
  20. hermand

    facebook not working?

    okay, every time i've tried to go onto facebook in the last hour, a stupid little message comes up telling me it can't find the server. is this happening to anyone else? i know it's not a whole site problem because it's working on my iphone. any suggestions? [i use safari in mac OSX5] thanks.