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  1. Carrotsticks

    Carrotsticks' HSC 2018 Extension 1 solutions

    Sorry for the delay everybody. I won't be able to release these until probably around 11pm or so because I'm teaching swimming until around 9:45pm tonight, but then I'll be hungry and want to eat dinner so make that closer to midnight. I'm almost done, but spent most of my time explaining a few...
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    Thoughts on the paper? Any questions you liked or didn't like?
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    Carrotsticks' Extension 2 HSC 2018 Solutions + Memes

    I hated this paper. Typing it was a massive bitch to do compared to previous years. I'm also going to post some memes here too. Usual stuff here everybody. Comment if you see errors but I think we should mostly be good. I've taken care to explain things as much as I can to aid understanding...
  4. Carrotsticks

    Carrotsticks' Mathematics Extension 1 HSC 2017 solutions

    Here you go =) Let me know if you see typos! Thoughts: Eugh the paper is so long. Not particularly difficult or interesting. NESA needs better HSC examiners (hire me pls).
  5. Carrotsticks

    2017 Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Exam Thoughts

    What did you think of the paper?
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    Carrotsticks' 2017 Mathematics Extension 2 solutions

    Up to Q16 atm and have to do a few diagrams, so won't be too long hopefully. If you're wondering about my opinion on the paper, I reckon it was a pretty difficult paper compared to other years actually. Most recent draft...
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    How did you find it?
  8. Carrotsticks

    2017 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 paper thoughts?

    How did you find it?
  9. Carrotsticks

    Carrotsticks' Solutions HSC 2016 Extension 1 Mathematics

    Apologies for not getting it done as soon as I usually do. I could only start at around 8pm when I got home from work. This is a first draft so please let me know if there are any typos! My feedback on...
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    Carrotsticks' 2016 HSC MX2 Solutions

    Solutions here
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    2016 BOS Trial Results + Solutions

    Hi all, Here are the papers and solutions for Extension 1 and 2. The document containing the results can be found in the post from Trebla below. Highest Extension 2: 72/100 Highest Extension 1: 52/70 Thank you all...
  12. Carrotsticks

    Official BOS Trial 2016 Thread

    Thank you all for attending today! Here is a dropbox link containing today's exam paper as well as fully worked solutions. _______________________________________________ Hello all, Welcome to another year of our series...
  13. Carrotsticks

    New Draft Syllabus

    The new draft syllabi can be found here: I won't list them all as there are so many changes! I especially like the idea of an investigation topic for students (weighing 20-30%). It also seems like matrices...
  14. Carrotsticks

    Stronger HSC Standards

    Full link here: Not applicable for 2016 HSC students, but I figured that some of you may be interested. I've bolded the more interesting changes. For the lazy or on Tapatalk: establishing a minimum...
  15. Carrotsticks

    Year 10 Mathematics in Vietnam

    Was sorting out my photos from my trip to Vietnam last year and found some photos that I thought some of you may appreciate. One of the children was in Year 10 and was doing inequalities that we do in Extension 2 Year 12 here in NSW! A lot of the inequalities there were well beyond Extension 2...
  16. Carrotsticks

    BOSTES Reference (formula) Sheet for 2016 HSC students
  17. Carrotsticks

    Proposed changes to the Mathematics syllabus: Thoughts?

    As you all know, the gears are now moving to work towards constructing the new Mathematics syllabus, for all levels of Mathematics. Here is the Draft Writing Brief for the calculus-based courses (Advanced, Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics). The proposed course contents are listed starting from...
  18. Carrotsticks

    Terry Lee's Solutions to the 2015 Extension 1 HSC
  19. Carrotsticks

    Carrotsticks' Solutions 2015 Extension 1 HSC Again, please let me know if you see any typos or calculation errors (which I am rather prone to)!
  20. Carrotsticks

    Extension 1 BOS Trial 2015 Results/Documents

    Here are the results and documents for the Extension 1 BOS Trials! Again, these are by no means a reflection of the difficulty of the HSC (the HSC is significantly easier than these papers) so please don't...