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    Packing For Uni

    Well now that the HSC is out of the way, I need something new to stress about. So, packing. Living on campus, what the balls do I pack? Is it really necessary to have a mini-fridge? Or a TV? Or a mattress pad? And not only that, how the hell do I pack it? Will I look like a total tool...
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    Second hand textbooks

    What are good websites to buy/rent second hand textbooks for uni next year? Or is it not worth it?
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    What and when to buy!

    Rightio, with my HSC less than 8 weeks away, I have decided everything is moving much too fast and the only way to conquer it is to have absolutely everything under control for next year. First and foremost, I'm moving into self-catered on-campus accommodation and I'm wondering what I'm going...
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    ANU vs Monash

    Hey guys, so I'm really overly excited for university, but can't decide which one! I've narrowed it down to Monash and ANU. I want to do a double degree in Science and Arts, majoring in Genetics and Ethics, and I was wondering which university would be best for that. On top of that, I was...
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    Pros and Cons of Melbourne

    Hey guys, so I'm still tossing up between ANU and Monash for next year. So, I was wondering what the pros and cons of both Melbourne as a city and Monash. I really want to live on campus and do a double degree in Science and Arts. Any information would be greatly appreciated! x
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    Science at Macquarie University

    Hi all, I'm looking at doing a science degree with either a major or minor in genetics. Can anyone let me know if MQ offers this, and if so, what's it like? *For bonus points* Does MQ offer Medicine as a post-graduate course?