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    changing timetables

    When I went to change my time table, green and blue blocks appeared on my new one... What do they mean?
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    Where is everyone?

    Hey everyone, I'm doing B Engineering (mechatronics space) / B Science (computer science). I got into the TSP for science as well :D Any one with me? As for other people from my school, i know a few doing combined commerce degrees, occupational theropy, phmarcy,law... 2 of my friends...
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    Hi all, Just wondering, do we get to know our ranks in the state for the subjects that we do? Thanks! :cool:
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    did they actually list students who got > 90 UAI in newspaper?

    Damn! some of my marks are really crappy :(
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    did they actually list students who got > 90 UAI in newspaper?

    hey does the school knows all your individual marks? or do they just know the number of people in each bands? Cos I thought I might tell my teacher what HSC mark I got but it might sounds stupid if he already knew anyway... :)
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    One on one tutors?

    I can probably help with maths. What level do you do?
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    did anyone else noticed that none of the multiple choice answers were D ! or did I do something wrong... :gridnod:
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    speculations about hsc exam

    My friend's turtor is the person whos gonna decide what mark goes into what band...he decides the cutoffs or something... And he reckons that there will probably a BIG mark question on ethanol or biopolymer this year, cause they didn't ask it last year. And my chem teacher at school reckons...
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    ARRRRR the inequality in Q 6 was so easy! I figured it out as we were waiting for the papers to be corrected. How bad was that?! I was like sitting there, REALLY REALLY wanting to write it down...but those evil examiners were looking at everyone.. :( :chainsaw: And I can't get ANY of the...
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    ARGH @ PHYS syllabus changes for next year

    Ok everyone lets take a one year holiday from now and come back next year to do an easier HSC! :D
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    Q to Q question

    In the syllabus, it says that we have to "analyse information to assess the impact of advances in the understanding of matter on the work of physicists" I dont understand this point... I have the excel and the jacaranda text book and neither of them seem to address this point... :(
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    mermorising stuff

    Oh hey thats one of the questions I was looking at last week and couldn't do it. Can someone help me? "critically analyse the use of models in science." :confused:
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    mermorising stuff

    I think the flow chart is too big and complicated... I'm gonna learn the tables in conquering chem. :chainsaw:
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    HSC marks...

    Hey everyone! Say in a school a person "A" came first in the grade for a certain subject. And a person "B" came 3rd in the grade. Both A and B goes and do the HSC. Say if B had suddendly studied REALLY hard and got the top mark in the state for that subject. Would A actually get B's mark and...
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    What's a good mark?

    Probably aim for above 87 percent would be good... :D
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    Question on syllabus

    Well then why didn't einstein thought that it could be the other way round? like time contract and length dilate? (sorrie wierd wording!)
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    Question on syllabus

    See that's the one that I don't understand, the one about whether u can see ur own reflection... I mean if u can see it, then the person out side would see light going at 2c... this doesn't make sense!!!!:hammer:
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    I'm a Genius!!

    But shouldn't the square root of 1 be only 1 ? If it says root of 1^2 then it would be +/-1. Cause root(x^2) = +/- x but root(x) means only the positive square root of x^2 which is x. :idea:
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    Question on syllabus

    Hi, This is a point which I don't know how to study for: "Analyse and interpret some of Einstein's thought experiments involving mirrors and trains and discuss the relationship between thought and reality" The only thought experiment that we learnt about is the relativity of simutanity...
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    mermorising stuff

    WHAT the flame test too? :( The tables are hard enough! Soooo much to remember, my brain is gonna explode! :burn: :read: :read: :read: :read: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: P.s. Can u guys please tell me any other tables/diagrams/equations (except the ones in the syllabus) that I should...