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    O Week

    When is O week at the parra campus? So far there have been a couple of stalls up. It that all?
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    UWS B Science/M Teaching Parra Campus

    Is anyone doing this course?
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    UWS Parra Campus.

    Hey guys. How to get to UWS parra campus from the station?? If by shuttle bus. How often does it come?
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    Sign out day

    What's this sign out business...what happens if we sign out and what happens if we dont Hm
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    How to apply/register for tafe.

    Okay I've almost finished my H.S.C but I'm deciding on going to T.A.F.E. How do I apply for T.A.F.E/course.:cold:
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    Uni courses to get into game programming.

    Can someone help me find undergrade UNI courses to get me into me into game programming????
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    did anyone got to the toilet and hungry at the same time.

    i did, i was soo busting to go toilet lol i manged to do it running towards the toilet seat lol.. i opend my zipper as soon as i got in the toilet, and let go off the pain an eye distance away from the toilets hence splashing some on my pants lol.. and some of the door etc.. yes im horrible xD
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    Poll : Raw Marks

    so what did you think you would of got ??
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    B Arts and Sciences

    Is this course any good?
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    englsih mod A related text..

    Hey I'm currently doing Henry Lawson, and was thinking about doing the song " stan " by enimem which is realted to telling stories... is stan a good related text for henery lawon.
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    what should we do after business studies tomorrow.

    ok business is tomorrow after exam, what should we do.. I know im gonna study english like there is no tomorrow..
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    going to school for an exam, how should we spend it.

    ok well tomorrow travelling to school by train + bus.. should we listen to music.. or sore with worry.. talk to girls and give out numbers just incase we dont make it to uni.. look for a part time job.. wtf should we do when we head to the examantion before and after school during this 2-3...
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    2008 Business Studies General Thoughts

    Hello, Hey guys please express your grief =] I'm on the other hand doing abit alright, I hate the case study part :hammer:
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    Integrating Case Study into Section 4

    Hey, I already have 1-2 case stdies which are oroton + amco.. my question is how do i use that to answer my question.. how do i bring it in, do i just normally answer the question and then use oroton as an example of part of the quesiton and how they did it.. eg managing change how oroton...
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    Metals and Engineering

    How are you guys preparing for this exam?:hammer:
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    Are you planning on learning a language at Uni?

    If Yes what language and why:karate:
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    What to expect when doing B Visual Arts and Design at ACU!

    I want to major in Graphics Design
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    International Exchange!

    B Liberal Studies strongly urges people to participate in international exchange for a term or two while oyu attend the university there. One question do you live on campus or at some families place?
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    Uni course!!!

    Which cousre should should i choose if i want to be a strategic planner!