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    People and Planet Units

    Hi everyone, Im asking this question on behalf of a friend: Which Planet and People units do you guys think would be the best to choose? especially when your doing 300 level subjects etc... Best to choose as in the easiest in some sort of way.. Cheers. Here is the list : People and Planet...
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    ACCG253 Mid Semester past papers

    Hi, I have Semester 2 2009 Mid semester past paper, I want to ask does anyone have versions before that? Cheers
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    ACCG310 Exam

    Hi, does anyone have the 310 exam this week today (monday) or tommorow? If so what type of questions did you get ?
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    Quick question , I want to enroll in accg323 instead of accg310, thus leaving accg310 till next semester. But in my last semester (next semester) I need to enroll in accg340, but it has a prerequisite of Accg310. Question is can I enroll in accg310 and accg340 next semester, or does accg310...
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    What 300 elective should I choose?

    Asking the experienced graduates/undergrad students, which 300 level accg unit did you find interesting and ok not easy but the easiest unit you found in 300 level. Thanks.
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    No day lecture

    ACCG310.... no day lecture, they have lectures going from 8-10pm thursday and wed, and 6-8pm on friday.... Can they actually do that? plus the lecturer is on leave till tomorrow...... Have they lost there mind :S
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    ACCG200 Excel 3

    Could anyone help me with this excel... I am having difficulty doing it :S
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    Anyone doing Accg251?

    Need help with something, anyone do this subject private msg me thanks :)
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    Final Exam Marks

    Just a question, do you ever find out what you actually got in your final exam?? Or they just give you what is on E student and thats it? Thanks.
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    develop an operational plan

    Does anyone have any examples or past operational plans that will help me. its an Accounting diploma subject. thanks.