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    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    GOOD LUCK YEAR 12-ers :shy: I hope you all get into the course you've always wanted to. :D:D:D -
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    The First Kiss

    Sadly, it was in the movies when I wasn't even ready! scared the shizz outta me ==' haha. I miss those days though :p
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    09ers Yr 12 Formal

    Mine was during September, I'm in year 11 though :) so it was a VCE formal. It was fantastic. Had a great night, haha took many many photos and danced like crazy! ;) I'm hoping next year will be another great night to be remembered. :shy: HOPE ALL OF YOU GUYS&GIRLS HAD OR WILL HAVE HEAPS OF...
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    help on chemistry calculations :)

    hey guys! im new to boredofstudies, im in year 12 next year and i would like some help for chemistry =] I'm really bad at calculations ): 1). Iron metal is extracted in a blast furnance by a reaction between iron (III) oxide and carbon monoxide: Fe2O3(s)+3CO(g) -> 2Fe(I) + 3CO2(g) :hammer...