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    First in Course Award Ceremony

    What did you come first in?
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    State Ranks

    I mean like the very 1st. Since the ceremony is tommrow.
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    Post your predicted ATARs

    But 4unit's exam was pretty hard this year. So ever1 in state is probably in same situation.
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    State Ranks

    So ever1 whos gotten 1st in state should know about it now?
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    How are we getting our HSC results?

    Dudes a carrier phoniex would be nice. Although the paper + other material will be burnt by its awesome flames.
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    Post your predicted ATARs

    Are we still able to change selection of preferences after ATAR released?
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    How are we getting our HSC results?

    Your good shadow. How did you make a fake website that resembles bos?
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    How are we getting our HSC results?

    SMS for me. To nerve racking to wait on the website.
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    so who isn't studying for trials?

    some of us arent as brilliant as u r 90%
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    so who isn't studying for trials?

    mwah. I dunno so unbothered.
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    Colinear Points

    In circle geometry, to prove three points are collinear, say A,B,C, do you have to prove that AB and BC are part of a cyclic quad? Then you prove AB and BC are supplementary. Or can you just prove directly that AB and BC are supplementary
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    Circle Geometry: Trivial Question on Chords?

    Two chords AB and CD bisect each other at X. Show that this is not possible unless X is the center. NO idea how to approach this one as well. Also Show that in a circle, a shorter chord is always further from the centre than a longer chord.
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    Circle Geometry: Shortest Chord

    AB, CD and XY are chords in a circle with centre O. XY cuts AB and CD in L and M, which are the midpoints of AB and CD. Prove that XY is greater than either AB or CD. I hav no idea how to approach this problem
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    When will Australia have a female prime minister?

    Yea you had years of experience of being a voter, considering your over 18.
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    No ATAR

    Depends on what you want to do? If uni, repeat yr 12 or smthing. But if just cruise through life, then get the HSC and that will count. Im not even sure that ATAR will make a heaps big impression on employeers.
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    State ranking marks.

    Dont think you can plan a state ranking. Its always unexpected and requires tremendous luck.
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    Julia Gillard new Prime Minister

    Last time i checked theres a big difference between the catholic insitution and God, the entity.
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    Issues with the world of chocolate.

    What? The cadbury choclate world isnt real?
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    Free UMAT Paper

    Do tell me what they say.