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  1. ZeeZee3

    Post-trial atar estimate

    Finish our trials a while ago and was curious as to what my ATAR could be. School Rank: low 20s Advanced English: 22/140 3 unit Maths: 20/110 4 unit Maths: 10/62 Ancient History: 1/10 Music 2: 2/10 Music extension 2/5 Thanks in advance.
  2. ZeeZee3

    Leadership as extra curricular

    I was wondering if there are any leadership opportunities in school other than duke of ed and src prefects. What about out of school? Thanks
  3. ZeeZee3

    ATAR estimate

    Hey, I want to have an idea of how Im going at school and if Im on the right track for my desired atar so please help estimate my potential atar if i keep my ranks up. Im aiming for 98+ although it will be nice if i can scrape a 99. Adv english: 20/160 Maths extension 1: 5/130 Maths extension...
  4. ZeeZee3

    Atar estimate for friend please!

    School rank: ~25 English advanced: 60/150 Maths extension 1: 5/110 Maths extension 2: 10/60 Physics: 50/110 Ancient History: 1/12 Music 2: 1/3 Music extension: 1/3 Thanks!
  5. ZeeZee3

    Gothic short story help!!!

    So I have this english extension essay test coming up next term on gothic literature. However, I am very confused on what values are and how the composer explores it in the text and how they are challenged. Could you please help me with values on Poe's short story "The Fall of the House of...
  6. ZeeZee3

    The Official Table Tennis Thread

    So I was looking through the forums, notices there were tennis, soccer, basketball threads, but no table tennis thread so I started one because I have a passion for this sport of fast, pacy techniques, flexible footwork and precise hand-eye coordination. It might not be a popular sport, but I...
  7. ZeeZee3

    School uniform t-shirt sleeves folded up?

    Ive seen many students who fold their school shirt sleeve up exposing much of their upper arm (between shoulder and elbow). Why do some students do it? Does it mean something? Is it because that it makes their arms more comfortable? Ive been curious about this for 3 years, none of my friends can...
  8. ZeeZee3

    How often do hsc students who do 10 units get an ATAR of over 99?

    Im in a very bad position with my subjects right now. Since too little people chose music, i was forced to do distance education because i didnt like the other subjects. However, distance education allows only a maximum of 11 units (which is really annoying) so im forced to drop a subject even...
  9. ZeeZee3

    Whats your Past-Time?

    Since I'm in year 10 and already finished my graduation, school doesn't hold anymore lessons for us anymore, so we have an early holiday. Already gone through the first day of holidays and I am already BORED-TO-DEATH. What do you do in your free time, other than of course studying, and going on...
  10. ZeeZee3

    Youtube new layout. Thoughts?

    Youtube recently underwent a new appearance to the website. Do you think this new layout is beneficial for your future youtubing experience or is it more confusing and not efficient in video surfing on youtube. Please give your thoughts and opinions. Personally, I prefer the old youtube layout...
  11. ZeeZee3

    Pros and Cons for tertiary education at ANU

    I'm not really very serious in choosing a uni since im still in yr 10 however, along with UNSW and USYD, I have been wondering if I should add ANU to one of my options. I dont really know a particular course i want to do yet however i would like to do something business and mathematic related...
  12. ZeeZee3

    HELP!!!! Music cannot run next year but i really want to do it for yr 11

    Yea i really need some help here. We had our prelims subject selection and one of my subjects i chose was music. However, only 2 other people chose music and seeing as my school PREFERS to use our music teacher to teach physics, they are cancelling it for next year but I really really really...