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  1. diametric

    URGENT! Ditching Law after third yr - possible?

    I know it is possible to graduate with your non-law degree at the end of third yr (with a 10 yr grace period to return and complete your law degree), but is this also possible at UNSW? My situation is as follows: My first and second pref is Medicine. Law is my back up plan. I would still like...
  2. diametric

    Finished Major Work? Started Reflection Statement?

    mumble mumble. i still have 1500 words to write for my major work, that is, the end of it. i know how its supposed to pan out. ive written the end several times before. im still changing/editing some other stuff throughout. hoping to have a final draft ready next week. reflection statement...
  3. diametric

    Romanticism - wider social and political contexts?

    From the rubric: Romanticism is typified by the search for meaning through representations of the individual's relationship with the natural world, and wider social and political contexts. I understand what is meant by the affinity with the natural world, but am clueless as to what is...
  4. diametric

    MedEntry UMAT Trial Exam 2009 - Indicator of UMAT score?

    Heya guys, I did the MedEntry workshop this past weekend, and obviously, the included trial exam. My marks were: S1: 27/44. S2: 30/36. S3: 18/30 What kinds of marks are these in the UMAT? Are they good marks? And is this at all a good indicator of how I'll do in the UMAT?
  5. diametric

    LINKING TO THE QUESTION - Let's get this down straight.

    I've been racking my brain and nerves about this for a few days now, and am annoyed. Everytime I attempt a practise question, my involvement with the question just gets bigger and bigger.. and sometimes bigger than my damn analysis. So. I want to get this straight. HOW are we supposed to a...
  6. diametric

    CSSA Marking Guidelines for 2007

    Hi, Just wanted to ask whether anyone had the marking guidelines for the Catholic Secondary School's Association trial for 2007? Specifically, section 1, the reading response? Thanks.
  7. diametric

    Bad Math + Medical Career hopes = success?

    Hi, I'm in year 10. And well, yes, I know that it's a tad early to start thinking about this sort of thing, but, with the situation I am in (an accelerated school, i.e: prelim. in year 10, HSC in yr 11, and so on), I'm forced to. I want a medical career, specifically surgery. I know that...