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  1. teurino

    Macquarie Engineering any good? macq v uws

    can anyone tell me whether an engineering degree @ macq uni is any gud. how does it compare to UWS engineering.. thnx in advance for input
  2. teurino

    p. journeys - p. skrzynecki

    can anyone else recall some attributes/characteristics in regards to physical journeys. these are some i can remember: journeys are voluntary or involuntary journeys can be taken individually or as a group journeys involve making decisions whether easy or hard journeys can be of long or short...
  3. teurino

    Section III - P. Skrzynecki essay

    to those doing physical journeys as their AoS and using 'Immigrant Chronicle' as their prescribed text, im keen to noe how many poems are other people doing. Im deciding whether to do 2 or 3 plus 1 related material.
  4. teurino

    question from past paper

    how do u go about answering this question coz im just revising for half-yearly atm :P. If anyone can show me the procedure of solving the question it will be much appreciated. Its from HSC past paper 07' Question 10 MC 10 A 0.1 mol L<SUP>–1 HCl solution has a pH of 1.0 . <DIR><DIR>What volume...
  5. teurino

    ...finding volume

    im unsure on how to find the volume of gas under specific conditions whether at 0^C (273K) or 25^C (298K). if anyone can show me the procedure of answering such a question, it will be greatly appreciated. e.g. finding 60g of nitrogen gas would this type of question be in a half-yearly/trial exam?
  6. teurino

    related material-p. skrzynecki

    im looking for notes which justify why some certain related material will link to physical journeys because im having trouble choosing a material... ....there's so many of them any help will be appreciated ty
  7. teurino

    ..... plz helpp

    whats the best way to go about studying for a chemistry half yearly exam wen the topics are: 1)production of materials 2)acidic environment do i have to precisely remember every single concept? help:(