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  1. ZeeZee3

    Post-trial atar estimate

    Finish our trials a while ago and was curious as to what my ATAR could be. School Rank: low 20s Advanced English: 22/140 3 unit Maths: 20/110 4 unit Maths: 10/62 Ancient History: 1/10 Music 2: 2/10 Music extension 2/5 Thanks in advance.
  2. ZeeZee3

    What is your iq?

    Everyone has such high IQs...mines only like 70-80...sooo dumb
  3. ZeeZee3

    So for those thinking of doing B Actuarial Studies next year...

    So glad Elite Athletes Performers program applies for actuarial. Not sure if im capable of a 97 atar
  4. ZeeZee3

    Wow, thanks for the compliments............

    Wow, thanks for the compliments............
  5. ZeeZee3

    You my friend are one rice-eating stalker. How in the world did you find my profile?.......

    You my friend are one rice-eating stalker. How in the world did you find my profile?.......
  6. ZeeZee3

    Free Tutoring; Advanced English.

    Im interested! Please PM me ur email
  7. ZeeZee3

    5 weeks left of year 10...what are they going to teach???

    Yea, do what everyone does. Download 10 gbs of movies and sit in class having a movie marathon. Either that or get a head start with ur yr 11 work and start reading through the topics you gonna be doing next year.
  8. ZeeZee3

    ATAR Estimate :)

    IMO 99-99.5, Very solid ranks. Keep it up for HSC!
  9. ZeeZee3

    Which MX2 Textbook have you 2013'ers been issued from your school?

    We havent been issued yet but I think my school loans Terry Lee Extension 2 maths.
  10. ZeeZee3

    The year 12's of 2013- long-term HSC goals.

    Advanced English - 90 , sincerely hope for 85+ Maths extension 1 - 95 Maths extension 2 - 95 Ancient History - 94 Music 2 - 95 Music Extension - 49/50
  11. ZeeZee3

    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    English Advanced: 90 Maths extension 1: 95 Maths extension 2: 95 Ancient History: 93 Music 2: 95 Music extension: 49/50 Hopeful for 98 atar!
  12. ZeeZee3

    Bonus Points at UNSW

    I think HSCplus bonus points are not applicable for law, however, Elite Athletes and performers program is. Under leadership, 3 bonus points added if you achieved Duke of Edinburgh Gold.
  13. ZeeZee3

    B Actuarial Studies @ UNSW

    The students at UNSW open day say around 97-98 because it should be a really demanding and popular course. One student says that they accept Elite Athlete and Performers Program bonus points but not HSC plus.
  14. ZeeZee3

    Atar estimate???

    Nice ranks, 99+ definite, probz around 99.7+
  15. ZeeZee3

    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    Woah you really gonna do 4 unit maths? Respect. Anyways my subjects are: 3/4 unit maths Advanced English Ancient History Music 2 Music Extension Aim: 99.95, 98 at least for uni course, band 6 in english (and everything else), state rank music 2 and get into encore
  16. ZeeZee3

    Piano music appreciation :D

    rzUAkfjDxG0 Im about to do my AmusA exam and this is one of the pieces Im supposed to play. Ashkenazy is so inspiring!
  17. ZeeZee3

    what are your goals after the HSC

    My goal list is as follows: Tertiary - B Actuarial UNSW co-op, if not, Im looking towards B Actuarial Macquarie or B Actuarial ANU or Advance maths usyd/Unsw. If im really desperate B Commerce at Melbourne Uni Personal - Learn Violin, Learn guitar, Finish Lmus piano and i have a nice long list...
  18. ZeeZee3

    40 hour famine.

    No talking for 40 hours would be pretty hard.